Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a Day!

Today was one of THOSE days! I woke up on time and got everybody up and ready for school. Before it was time to leave, my 8 year old Andrew said he had a belly ache.  Now usually my Mom Sick Radar works pretty well. I don't know if it's because I was tired or have been stressed but I couldn't tell if he was really sick or just faking. Usually I know. My kids get what I call "Sick Eyes." I can almost always tell if they are really sick by looking at their eyes. I thought he did look a little pale so since I wasn't sure, I told him to take his stuff back off and just stay home. Shortly after I regretted it because he showed zero signs of sickness all day!!

Shortly after the other 2 got off to school, I had to hurry up and get a shower because the baby had a Doctors appointment. He has not been sick since he was born, almost 11 months, but he has had a stuffy nose for a couple of weeks now and he recently started tugging on his ears and crying so I was thinking earache. Since nobody else was home and I surely can't count on an 8 year old to watch the baby, I put him in the bathroom with me. That was my 1st mistake of the day. *lol* He thought it was funny to keep opening the curtain while Mommy was showering and well, you can see by the picture below that he soaked himself AND the floor! I guess the real mistake here was getting him dressed first! He kept finding stuff and throwing it in the shower at me including a Butterfinger wrapper (I can see it in the picture!) and one of his puffs that he was eating for breakfast. Yuck!

So off to the Doctor we went. Just as I suspected, he had a double ear infection so they put him on an antibiotic and eardrops. He was funny sitting on the table because there were stuffed animals hanging above him so he just sat there staring at the ceiling. I had to put a blanket down on the table because he kept trying to tear the paper off of it. *lol*

The Pharmacy was going to need an hour or so to fill the prescriptions so me, Andrew and Aiden went to the next town over so we could go to Kroger. We got our groceries and came back home to unload before we went back to CVS to get the medicine. Of course when we got home and got unloaded, we didn't want to leave again. Aiden needed to run off some energy from being in his carseat and I kept finding things I needed to clean around the house. So we waited until about 2:00 which was a bad idea because it had started to snow and the roads had actually gotten pretty slick. So that was mistake #2! I am no good at driving in the stuff, although you would think living in Ohio would make me experienced by now. (I promise, we live in the country and nobody was behind me so I stopped to take this picture! I did not take it while I was driving! hehe)

So mind you Aiden is asleep in the backseat and Andrew is sitting next to me and we are cruising down the road when Andrew remembers he has his new camera from Christmas in the car! He says to me, "Wow, I sure hope we see something cool like a wreck or something so I can take a picture!" UGH! So of course I tell him that would be sooooo uncool and he should not say that because with my record it would be us sitting in the ditch! *lol* So we get to the pharmacy, get the medicine and then all I want to do is get back home because it was getting nastier out by the minute. So we are heading home and out of nowhere, the pickup truck in front of us slid off the road and did a complete roll into a cornfield! Poor guy! The driver looked really young. We checked to see if he was hurt and luckily he wasn't, he just couldn't find his glasses that had flown off of his face when his truck flipped. So even though it was awful to see, Drew was happy to have gotten a picture of what he thought was cool. But it was so not cool. It was very scary and almost gave me a heart attack!

So we made it home, thank God. I managed to get the rest of the house cleaned and supper going before Josh and Emma got off the bus. By time we ate supper though, Drew really was sick with some belly issues so I guess I was good to keep him home. Usually if I am in doubt I will keep them home because I hate when parents send their kids to school sick! Nothing worse than when your kid comes home and says someone threw up in class or on the bus and then you play the waiting game to see if your kid will get it too!

So now I am ready for bed and it's only 8:00 p.m.! *LOL* Maybe I'm getting old.....After all, my kids remind me every day that I am almost 30........which I quickly reply NOT ALMOST! My birthday isn't until September!!! But I am whipped. Maybe my kids will actually cooperate and go to bed at a decent hour tonight! Have a good one!


  1. Wow! What a day - and I thought I had busy and eventful days! I hope tomorrow is better and both of your sons feel better soon. I'm glad the guy in the truck is o.k.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a day you had!

    Just thought I'd offer up a tip for next time. I'm home alone with my 11 month old all the time, so I bring him into the shower with me. He likes playing with a few toys on the floor and crawling, cruising, and splashing around my feet. Much less stressful that having to worry about what sort of trouble he's getting into while I'm getting clean! :-)


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