Monday, February 14, 2011


Just a quick note regarding Giveaways. 95% of the time, the company is responsible for sending the winners their giveaway items. Please note that I do not generally receive any notification when the prizes are shipped, therefore I have no way of knowing if you received your prize or not. One of the most disappointing things in the giveaway world is taking the time to enter a giveaway and then NOT receiving your prize. Please know that if you do NOT receive an item that you have won, if you email me at I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure you get your prize. Most of the time all it takes is a follow up email to the sponsor. It could have been an email mishap or just an oversight but I take it very seriously. As a winner of giveaways myself, there have been multiple times where I have never received my prizes and I know how disappointing that can be so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Don't feel bad to email me and say "Hey! I still haven't gotten my prize, will you follow up." It is my job to make sure it happens and I will bend over backwards to make sure all winners receive their prizes. I found there were a lot of delays with giveaways over the Holidays and some of those prizes are still being sent out so if you haven't received a prize and it has been more than a couple of weeks since you won, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. That's what I am here for.


  1. Hey Sarah, I'm glad you posted this because I was wondering about something I had won, but haven't received. I won the Disney Sing-It game for the Wii back in the middle of December. I don't know if I'm being antsy or what, but I thought I'd reply to this post, since it was fresh on my mind. Thanks!!!

  2. lol There have been 2 times that a sponsor has not done prize fullfillment in a timely manner/at all. The first time was when I won a Time Buddy and after about 20 emails back and forth with the company, I finally received it in the mail, and defective -__- Anyways, the next time was when I won a Terra Cycle lunch box, still havent gotten it, have been in contact with them through the host AND I have contacted them myself, they SAY they are looking into it, but it looks like I am just getting the run around lol

    Main thing I think when these things happen (because its not real common as far as I know) is that if the sponsor doesnt plan on following up with prize fulfillment then they shouldnt sponsor in the first place lol they should just ask for a review instead of a review AND giveaway.

    One time, I won a Ben KaCHOO from your blog, and I have NEVER received a prize so fast. It was WONDERFUL! My daughter STILL plays with it every day lol so does my son!

  3. Yes it is disappointing when you don't receive the prize. I did win a prize from you previously and it did ship within reasonable time.

    I also won the book This is Silly from your site, never received it though. I imagine it's not from your end, but would appreciate if you do follow up with it. Thanks!

    mmayerfeld at gmail


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