Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Monday and Happy Valentines Day everybody! I hope you all enjoy a love filled days with those you hold close to your heart!!! For me it's going to be a busy day of parties at school and hopefully I might find time to have lunch with my love!

I have found that blogging is a very time consuming task and takes a lot of time away from my duties at home so I have been trying to take breaks here lately (as you have probably noticed) to ensure I am giving my family the time and attention they deserve. Please know though that I am still reading your emails and messages and I will reply ASAP. I get around 700 emails in my inbox per day so sometimes it might take a few days but I will eventually get back to you, promise!

It has been even CRAZIER than normal here at the Crazy House. I have been working on some fun features to share with you all and we have had a lot of personal stuff going on as well. For instance, our baby boy just turned 1!!!! I am working on a feature right now to share some of the great (and not-so-great) toys for babies. We found after his party that some of the toys he received (Yes, even toys from Mom and Dad) were not so wonderful! *lol* However, he had a great 1st birthday and we were so excited to spend the day with our closest family and friends. It seems like the year literally just flew by. It seems like yesterday our baby was just born and now here he is walking and talking.

I went to and I was able to make a free slideshow of Aiden's 1st year too so I was super excited about that. I found that I took THOUSANDS of pictures of him throughout this 1st year and it was so much fun going through them and looking at him and how much he has changed.

Thanks for hanging with and you can be on the lookout later today for some new giveaways and some winners to be announced!

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