Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

I felt like sharing this video with you all. This is the breast cancer that took my friends life. Inflammatory Breast Cancer goes undetected because it's unlike any other cancer.  Educate yourselves. Share with your Daughters. Your Mothers. Your Sisters. Your Friends.  IBC kills. And it effects young women. Most of the time before women even know they have it, it's too late. Jennifer found out she had IBC just over 2 years ago when she pregnant with her baby boy. Despite countless treatments, they were unable to stop this terrible cancer and it quickly spread everywhere. It was painful. And most women have never heard of it.

If one woman's life can be saved, One Mom. One Daughter. One Friend. It will all be worth the fight.


  1. Thank you for sharing that Sarah. As I am sure you are not surprised to hear, I have never even heard of IBC. If there is one thing I do believe, we are all put here for one greater reason; I fully believe this is why your friend was put on this earth. I am just so sorry she had to lose her fight with IBC. So sad. Mind if I post this to my blog??

  2. Just wanted to share:)

  3. Sarah, someone who worked for me died from this also. It was shocking and happened so fast. She never made it to her wedding day. I had never heard of it before. Going to her funeral was terribly sad. Seeing her parents was excruciating. Thank you for sharing this. I hope your service to others helps your heart heal from the loss of your friend.


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