Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting back on track!

Lately my life is gotten INSANELY crazy! First of all, hubby is working a new job on an alternating 12-hour day schedule. This makes life for me extremely difficult in a million ways. Mostly because it means he works every other weekend, Friday-Sunday. Our 9 year old is in a traveling soccer league with games up to 2 hours from home......with most games on the weekends. Not only that, but baseball season has also arrived. Not only is our 9 year old playing this year, but our 7 year old daughter is playing softball and our 5 year old son is playing t-ball. And not only is our 9 year old playing in the local recreation league, but he is also playing on a traveling tournament team as well. This just adds to the craziness of my life. All the while, I am toting around Aiden who is pushing 15 months and is a total HANDFUL! I used to scrunch my nose up at people who used those "leashes" for their children but boy am I all for them now! If Aiden isn't in his stroller or in a baby carrier, he has a monkey leash on his back or a wrist leash on his hand. No more looking at Mom's and Dad's like they are insanely terrible parents for using these type of devices. *LOL*  This Mama is TOTALLY on board!

One of the things I have really been striving to do is fit in time to get in a good workout plan so I can start getting back into shape. Being pregnant and breastfeeding 4 babies has really taken a toll on my body in the last decade. I am nearly 40 pounds heavier than when my husband and I got married in 2000 and I am so ready to get healthy again. Our children are so active and I need to have the energy to keep up with them, to play with them and to be a role model for them to follow and being in the shape I am in is just not cutting it.

So here we go. I hate diets. I am not one that is into "fad" diets. I am not lying when I tell you I have DOZENS of diet books, all which are tucked away on a shelf never to be opened again because they are just not practical. So I am going to do this, on my own with good ole fashion calorie counting and exercise.

 I invested in a set of Zumba DVD's. If you haven't heard of Zumba, it's time to climb out from under the rock you have been living under! *lol* It's an awesome workout that is sweeping the nation but I have to tell ya....it's a lot harder than it looks. I have had a difficult time trying to figure out how those skinny ladies move their hips the way they do. *LOL* I am definitely NOT a Zumba pro....but I am having a fun time learning and it is an awesome workout! The Cardio Party is my favorite and it kicks my butt...I have yet to make it through the whole DVD without collapsing...but I'm getting there! Haha

I also invested in a few other things like a quality exercise mat, fitness ball, resistance tubes, hand weights and a Step for step aerobics. I bought all of this stuff with the exception of the step which I already had for less than $30 at Wal-mart. I figure that sure beats the price I would pay for a gym membership and I don't even have to leave my house.

I used to love to run and that was the first thing that came to my mind when I said I wanted to get back in shape. I put my workout clothes on, put on the new running shoes and off I went. 2 minutes later I was huffing and puffing and ready to collapse. *LOL* Apparently it's been quite some time since I ran and I guess I thought I could just jump right back in. Oops!  Not to mention running isn't something that large-chested women generally do. hehe But I found this AWESOME site at http://www.coolrunning.com/ and they have a program called Couch to 5K that I have started. Today was Day 1 and it wasn't so bad. It started with a 5 minute brisk walk and then alternated between a 60 second jog and 90 second walk rotation. I admit. It kicked my butt. My shins are killing me and by the last jog/walk rotation I couldn't feel my legs anymore. Bahahahaha But I made it through the whole 20 minutes! WOO HOO! This program calls for 2 more days of this workout this week so I think I will skip a day and do it again on Thursday and then the final workout for the week on Saturday.  I'm looking forward to seeing if it really helps me get back to running again! It's such an awesome stress reliever!

Is anybody else starting a new fitness journey right now? Trying to lose baby weight or just trying to get back into shape?! I would love to hear your stories!! Please share what has worked for you and what hasn't!  I would love to create a community of women who can help and encourage each other!

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