Friday, April 1, 2011

Saving $$$ at the Grocery...Question of the Week!

In casual conversation with a friend recently, we started talking about grocery bills and how much we spend each month feeding our families. I was in total and utter shock when my friend told me that they only spend around $400/month in groceries, especially since their family is the same size as ours. We spend over DOUBLE that amount every single month and I thought that was normal. After talking to others, both friends and family and questioning about it online, I found that we are WAYYYYYYYY overspending on groceries. I have no idea why or how it is happening but I do know that I am going to make it my goal to drastically reduce that amount over the next several months. My goal for April is to reduce our grocery bill by at least 25%. Problem is, I have no idea where to start.  Ok, I take that back. I know one of my biggest money savers will be to go to the grocery alone without any of the kids. *lol* They talk me into all kinds of things I wouldn't normally buy. But aside from that, I really honestly am clueless on how to save money at the grocery. I am working on a list right now for the next week. I always do my grocery shopping on Sunday evenings so I will have the weekend to work on my "plan."  Help me!

Do you cut coupons? If so, where do you get them? I tried doing the whole coupon thing once and the problem was, I didn't want any of the stuff that I had coupons for!  Plus, a lot of the grocery stores around here where we live won't take printed coupons so pretty much all of the online coupon sites are useless to me.

So my question of the week is, what do you do to save money at the grocery?


  1. Plan! That is the really big key! So sit down and plan your meals for the week. Make a list and stick to it. Then go through your list and check out and the other site to see if there are coupons. That and check out store brands sometimes they are a lot cheaper. Hope that helps!

  2. I get the sunday papers:)) The smartsource, red plum and all the other good coupons..I just started couponing and I have saved alittle bit and plan on saving more..It can be done:)) Good Luck

  3. Meal planning definitely helps -- plus it takes all the thought out of making dinner for the week because you know exactly what's on the list and that you have what you need to make it. I've got the same high grocery bills here and have been working hard to try to cut it down. There are some sites that will mail you "real" coupons so you don't have to print them off. Also, some stores allow coupon stacking so you can use more than one coupon to buy an item. If you have enough different coupons, you can even get things for free! Cheap is good but free is definitely better:) I also buy in bulk and repackage things.

  4. I tried meal planning and it didn't work for us...we either always had too many leftovers at the end of the week and some went bad, or we'd hit a night where we just wanted something quick and easy like soup and sandwiches. I try to steer clear of all prepackaged foods (I have to now with my diet!) so that saves a bit. We eat a lot of fruit and veggies and I buy my chicken in bulk from Zaycon foods. It seems to help a little bit, but we're on a tight budget and just don't spend much anywhere these days!

  5. Meal plan, plan your dinners for the week and try to plan the meals with a lot of the same ingredients.
    I go to Fred meyers for our groceries, I usually will look at the ad online before heading to the store and plan my meals around whats on sale. Coupons, the sunday newspaper is where i get mine and then at the check out fred meyers will occasionally print out some coupons for next visit and its the same products im buying.
    i usually like to bring my son that way i don't get side tracked and buy other stuff since i only have a little time to get whats on my list before he starts tantrums

  6. I shop using the store circulars, making sure their sale prices are really a good deal. I also combine the sales with coupons(from the newspaper). If I don't have a coupon for it or if it's not on sale, I usually buy the store brand. I post twice a week on my blog about saving money at the grocery store, so feel free to check it out for more ideas. If you have any questions, let me know.

  7. Sarah,

    Not sure what stores you shop at, but if you'd like, send me an email and I can give you a list of sites I use that match up sales & coupons! I have the basics of what I do here:

    Good luck! =)


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