Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Busy busy busy busy. Does anybody else feel like their life is moving in fast forward?!?!  I would do ANYTHING to be able to just hit the pause button for just a second and sloooooow things down! 

We just returned from a weekend in Columbus, Ohio where our 9 year old son played in the Nike Cup Soccer Tournament. Because it was a couple hours away from home, our team stayed the weekend in a hotel and I have to say, since our team went 0-3 in the tournament, the hotel time was a lot more enjoyable than the soccer games. *lol* No seriously, it was a lot of fun but we have an awesome group of boys and parents so they are starting to feel like family. We spend so much time together that we really have started to look after each other's children like they are our own and that is nice to have people like that around since we are together A LOT! Some of our boys have been playing together now for a few years and it's great watching them all play together! They spent 6 hours in the pool together yesterday and it was fun watching them and even better when they all zonked out by 9:00 p.m. last night from exhaustion. *lol*

I actually got a rare pic with just the hubs and I this weekend too! Seems like we never get in a good pic together but I thought this one was cute :)

Got a cute one of little man showing off for everyone too! I can't believe he is almost 15 MONTHS OLD! Where the heck is all of the time going?!

About 2 a.m. this morning I was woke up in the hotel by my 9 year old with the infamous, "Mom, I'm going to PUKE!" Ahhh. What every Mother loooooooooooves to hear!  I wasn't sure if he was coming down with something or if it was just all of the eating out and hard playing that they had done so when he woke up today, he felt better so we let him play in todays game. Shortly after getting home though, he started feeling sick again so now I realize that he actually has some kind of virus and I am crossing fingers nobody else on the team gets it. I am soooo over sick season and am ready for SUMMER and HEALTHY kids!!!

So since he is sick, he is going to have to miss his very first Orthodontist appointment tomorrow. We found out last week that he has some extra permanent teeth. Huh, I asked?! Extra teeth, what? Um yea. Very strange indeed. Only 1% of people are affected by supernumerary teeth! So now we have to make a trip to the Ortho to find out which teeth are "keepers" and which one's need to hit the road. I thought Drew would be super bummed about this but he says, "Hey, that means extra money from the Tooth Fairy" so I guess we are all good. I just hope it doesn't end up being a totally painful experience for him. I have had to have teeth cut out and I know it is not pleasant!!!  Poor little guy.

So add that to "the list of things to do."  I am starting to run out of hours in the day in trying to fit everything in and on top of it all, hubby has been working lots of overtime. I often find myself running around with a chicken with its head cut off. Tomorrow alone consists of 4 appointments, 2 practices and the cupboards are looking bare so add grocery shopping to the list too. Wondering how I am going to fit all the "little" every day things in there too. Maybe I need to learn to say "No!" every once in awhile. Or maybe I just need to enlist some help! 

How do you all do it?! I know many of you are single Mom's and some have similar situations to my own and I would love to know how you juggle it all!!!! (Not to mention PAY for it all!)


  1. Hey there! Loved reading your post about the weekend at the Crazy House! I'm a new follower- my name is April and I'm always looking for new followers/friends and Mommies to learn from and share with :)

    Thanks again :)

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