Saturday, May 28, 2011

A few winners for the Weekend!

Somehow I always get behind on posting winners but here is the latest list! Congrats to you all and I hope you all keep entering! I have emailed all of the winners and you all have 48 hours to respond! We have some great giveaways in the pipeline coming up so if you don't follow us on Twitter, be sure you do so @Lewis45822 or like us on Facebook at!!

Scentsy Warmer from Theo #45, Melissa

Thomas and Friends Birthday Express DVD #6, Amanda Culbertson Moutos

Sweet Dreams DVD from Hit and Lionsgate #16, Liza 767

Barney: I Can Do It DVD #7, Sarah

Nestle Water and Fling Bins #23, Blandrews13

Trading Phrases #24, Dana West

Congrats again! Have a great weekend!

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