Monday, May 16, 2011


This past weekend was one of my hubby's weekends to work and of course we had a soccer tournament that was about 45 minutes from home. Our son's soccer team had not won a game all season, God love them, and here we were going into this HUGE soccer tournament and I have to say. I didn't have much faith. Shame on me! Our boys kicked some butt and ended up winning the runner's up position after a Championship game that ended up in OVERTIME! That's my guy, 2nd from the right! Goooooooooooooo Team!  They are such a group of cuties!

It was a crazy busy, 2 day tournament. Our boys played in the cold, pouring rain. They were drenched head to toe but they pulled it off and I could NOT be a happier Mama! Soooooo worth all the work it took to get us there!  So proud!

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