Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ways to Show Patriotism

We take patriotism very seriously in our home.  I believe children need to learn what it truly means to be a patriot of one's country and we have tried to incorporate events year-round to help achieve this.  During the summer months, we have Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day in which we always have special events and traditions to help show the love of our country. And best of all, we have learned to do this on a budget so being a good patriot doesn't have to break the bank!!!

One thing that we like to do this time of year is send care packages to troops overseas. We are lucky to know some soldiers personally that we can send packages to but if you don't know anybody personally, ask around. I am sure someone from your group of friends, neighborhood or families in your church or community are bound to have family members who are serving overseas.  We like to involve as many people as we can in this project so that we can really make an impact so we ask each of our friends to cover certain items. For example, Family 1 is in charge of toiletries. Family 2 is in charge of snacks. Family 3 is in charge of entertainment, etc, etc. Some great choices for care packages are books, magazines, snacks, candy, toiletries, etc. and there are some great choices for snacks that won't go bad like Hormel® Compleats®!  Hormel also carries items like their Chili, pepperoni and even Dried Beef that would be perfect for a care package!

How awesome to be able to put a smile on a soldiers face!!!!

Other Ways to Show Patriotism!

*Learn about our founding fathers
*Teach your kids the Pledge of Allegiance
*Go watch a parade
*Dress up
*Visit your local festivities
*Wach a Fireworks show
*Visit a vet
*Help your neighborhood kids put on a show

We always take our children to the Freedom Days Picnic here where we live! It's a great way to teach them about the sacrifices that have been made for the freedoms we enjoy today. A couple of years ago we made hats before we went so we were all decked out and ready to go! Last year the kids all dressed up in red, white and blue before we headed out to the festival. Little things like this teach children so much!

Our Freedom Days Festival even has real army tanks that the kids could see and climb on and it is all free! Check out your surrounding areas because most communities have these same types of events!

Being together on these holidays is important to us as a family. We are so blessed that we are all here together and I think it's important to teach our children about those families who are not so lucky. So many have sons and daughters serving overseas and it is a blessing that we can enjoy so many freedoms together. So it doesn't matter what we do as long as we do it together as a family! 

Our one yearly family tradition is our big 4th of July cookout.  I have to say, this is the highlight of the year for me!  Our entire family gets together and we eat and play games and then afterwards we all walk up to the local fireworks and laser light show where they play patriotic songs throughout the show. It's a very emotional event too as people remember loved ones that are no longer with us that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Of course, my favorite part is the food!  We go all out when it comes to our 4th of July cookout!! 

This year we are hosting the bash at our house and I am super excited! We have all of our regular favorites on the menu like our fresh fruit and veggie trays and deviled eggs and meat on the grill but I am going to be attempting a new recipe this year, the Hormel BBQ Blue Sandwiches!! I was so excited when someone sent me this recipe because the total preparation time is less than 15 minutes and I know it's going to be a huge hit at our party!!

Of course no cookout is complete without dessert!

What does your family do to show patriotism? Do you think it's important to teach children?


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