Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Answering Your Questions about Zumbox!!!

As you all know, a couple of weeks ago we posted a giveaway for Zumbox which is an online, digital postal mail service. I have received an inbox full of questions so I went to the company and the PR firm that is handling things for Zumbox so I could answer them for you all. Hope this clears things up!

1.)  If I sign up with Zumbox, will I quit getting mail at my house?

NO! When you sign up, you will be prompted to choose companies that you want to receive mail from online rather than the traditional method, however, this is OPTIONAL, not mandatory. You can still confirm your address with Zumbox and sign up to win instant-win prizes without changing anything with the way you receive mail!

2.)   If a consumer wins something via the instant-win envelope, how long does it take to get their codes? For example, if they win a Starbucks or Amazon gift card code, how long does it take to get the actual code in their Zumbox account?

This normally takes a few days. But because they verify the winners, it may take a week or two at the most when the number of sign-ups and winners is high. (They had a bit of a bandwidth issue initially because of the overwhelming response, but are back on track now.)

3.)  If someone refers someone who wins a prize, does that prize automatically pop up in their Zumbox inbox as well since the referring person is supposed to win the same prize?

As soon as the person who is referred and who wins a prize verifies their Zumbox and gets the instant-win letter delivered in their Zumbox, a letter is sent to the person who referred that winner letting them know about the prize. Fulfillment is typically handled in the matter of days after the instant-win letter is opened.

4.)  Is there a list of Zumbox winners somewhere so they can see who wins the bigger prizes?

Currently there is no list available, but they will likely publish the winners (first name and state) in the coming weeks or months. In the meantime, they have a blog post that gives people an idea of how many prizes have been won to date as of last week: 

5.) If someone signs up to receive mail from a certain company via Zumbox, is it completely secure and does the person who owns the account have sole access to their mail or does Zumbox also have access to the mail?

Mail delivered via Zumbox’ system is completely secure. Unlike email, Zumbox operates on a known sender system, which means only legitimate companies send mail via Zumbox and only consumers with verified street addresses can receive mail. Zumbox also meets stringent banking, health and insurance industry security regulations for electronic communication. Zumbox users access their mail via password protected web login, and while Zumbox enables users to store their digital postal mail online, forever, for free – the company never accesses user mail without the user’s permission.

So I hope this answers your questions and if you have any more, please do not hestitate to ask. I might not have the answers but I have access to people who can find the answers for you!

Now what are you waiting for?!

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  1. Thank you for this information. I received my envelope in the mail and I was afraid I didn't want my e-mails changed and you answered my questions. I don't want things to be too confusing. Rita Spratlen


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