Sunday, July 24, 2011


I grew up in a family that was always serving others. From a very young age, I can remember helping my Mom and my Grandma make food to take to sick friends, funeral dinners, etc. and we still continue to do that today.  For me, it's something that is just the "right thing to do" and I can't get over how little people do these things today.  When I helped my Mom with our ladies ministry at church, we started doing a program to assist people with meals when they were sick, had a baby, had surgery etc. and I always thought it was a great idea. The last thing people want to have to worry about is preparing meals during these times and it's so nice to be able to help people out with these things.

So that is why I thought this program called MealBaby was so cool!  The Marketing Director of the company sent me the details on the company and I was sold!

MealBaby is a meal registry service where people can actually sign up to receive meals during times of need.  It's completely free and all you have to do is sign up, create a meal calendar and then share with family and friends.  I have to say, after the birth of our 4th child, meals and gift certificates for food were the best gifts I could have gotten!!! Through the MealBaby registry, people can get much needed help when they need it most and I think that is super cool!

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