Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pool Safety

I know I haven't posted much lately, that is mostly due in part to the fact that I am working hard to organize a Back to School event that we are doing with Mandee from Raising My 5 Sons but I wanted to post something very important.

It seems like I have seen a TON of stories this summer about toddlers and young children dying in backyard swimming pools. Just over a week ago, I received an awful text message that our friend Shawn's 15 month old daughter was found face down in the family swimming pool while in the care of her mother and she subsequently passed away. They never did release any details about what happened but the mother had said she was in the house sleeping when it happened. I can't tell you how sick to my stomach this made me. Of course at first all I could think about was my own kids, especially Aiden and I hugged them extra tight when I went to bed that night.

Second, a million things were going through my head about how this happens. We have a pool. All 3 of the older kids can safely swim in it without me having to worry but Aiden has ZERO access to the pool. When we are inside the house, the doors are locked and he is unable to gain access to the outside. When we are outside, I am watching him CONSTANTLY and my eyes are never off of him for more than a few seconds. When we are in the pool, he is never more than an arms length away from me so in case he would put his face in the water or something, I can quickly grab him. Accidents can happen so quickly and in a moment your entire life can be turned upside down by something that could have been prevented.
Something has to be done about this growing problem. These children should be growing up to be old  but they are dying in what is intended to be a fun, recreational product. I am not sure why the sudden increase. Maybe it's because they have made certain pools so inexpensive so more people are using them? I'm not sure of the "why's" but what I do know is that something has to be done. It is our job as parents to protect our children and if people are going to have swimming pools in their back yards, they need to go through extra lengths to make sure that babies and toddlers do not have unsupervised access.

Do you have a pool? What do you do to help ensure the safety of your children?


  1. The safety around swimming pools should never be taken for granted...

  2. adult supervison is the key to pool safety.. also having a swimming pool also helps


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