Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to School with Kindercone! Review and Giveaway Ends 8/14

To some families the first day of school is no big deal but in other homes, it's like a holiday!!!  We love to give our children gifts on the first day of school because in our house, it's a BIG deal! We go all out school shopping and buying all of their supplies and then we try to make the first day special. It's a bummer to see Summer come to an end and I think if you make it a fun day for your children, it will be something they look forward to instead of dreading. If you want something special for your kiddos first day, consider Kindercone!! 

About Kindercone:

Dating back 200 years, the tradition of the Schultuete or “school cone” is one of the most celebrated and long-standing traditions in Germany. At the beginning of every school year, children all over Germany set off with their large and shiny Schultueten, also called school cones or sugar cones by many. These large, colorful school cones, purchased or home-made, sweeten the child’s first day of school as they come filled with little gifts, school supplies and sweets. (Many remember the German school cone tradition as “sugar cones”)

The custom of the Schultuete dates back to 1810 when parents in the Eastern part of Germany gave their children for the first time little sweets and gifts at the beginning of their school year. The tradition grew, as did the size of the Schultüte, and today parents will go to great length to make the first day as memorable as possible. Schultüten can be as big as 35 inches tall! The beginning of school is a special and cherished time in a child’s life and KinderCone celebrates this annual event of returning to school for another year of growth and learning.

How cool is that?!

We received a Kindercone 1st grade edition to review and our 6 year old LOVED it! It was filled with pencils, temporary tattoos and an adorable stuffed animal with a 1st grade journal!  He loved the stuff inside but I have to kids love the cone more than anything! They have found all sorts of creative uses for it.  You can buy the Kindercone Fill your Own, the 1st Grade Edition, Writers Edition or the Artist Edition which all come with different items inside.  What an awesome idea to make the 1st Day of School memorable and fun!!!


One lucky reader is going to win their own 1st Grade Edition of Kindercone!

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end on 8/14
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