Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School with TracFone

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It's almost Back to School time for our kiddos and one of the things that we want them to take with them this year is their own cell phones.  We found last year that having their own cell phones made them a lot more at ease when they were on the bus going to and from school and it also helped that we could keep in touch.  There were a couple of times where the weather was bad and it made our children feel a lot safer that they were able to keep in touch with us during these times.  We also like to send cell phones with our children when they go to friends house as it seems to alleviate anxiety by being able to stay in touch.

 One of the low cost options for us is TracFone!  TracFone offers the least expensive cell phone service in America!  They offer so many features that regular cell phones offer at a fraction of the cost.  With no contracts, no credit checks, no cancellation fees and no hidden costs, you get the best service for your money!  With Tracfone, you can also get some of your favorite brands of cell phones like Motorla, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung!  You also receive great nationwide coverage and excellent reception and coverage!!!


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How does it work?

Your TracFone is a "Pay as you go" service and you can pay online or pick up refill cards at stores all across America!  If you purchase a 1 year service card for $119, your minutes are DOUBLED for the lifetime of your TracFone and you receive 800 minutes!  You can also choose from a variety of monthly plans for various amounts of minutes.  You can also call Internationally for the same price as every other call so if you have friends or family in different countries, you pay no extra!!  You can even provide them with a local number so they can call you!!  Click here to find out more information on convenience, reliability and coverage from these real TracFone customers!!!!


If you have been thinking of getting your kids a cell phone to keep in touch, TracFone would be a great option!!  Don't forget to check and see what real TracFone customers have to say!!!

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  1. The Tracfone family value plan won us over when I saw that we only had to pay $27.96/month in total for the 4 of us. 50 Minutes for me @ $9.99 and 40 minutes for the rest of the family @ $5.99/month ea. I can't imagine anyone can beat this price.
    I like the fact that you can get a cheap $10 phone from Tracfone and you can get a cheap prepaid plan like the $19.99 plan/90 days/120 minutes (if you have the double minutes for the life of the plan) - so you end up paying $6.66/month for service.
    If you're into saving a lot of money on your cell phone bill and you want reliable coverage, I'll definitely recommend Tracfone's plans.

  2. Thanks for the information. This is a great deal. I have a few people that would love this information and I will pass it on. Great review, very detailed. Rita Spratlen


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