Friday, August 12, 2011

Complete Skin Care

Woman and men alike are both faced with skin conditions that could be greatly improved by quality skin care products. I will admit though. Sometimes it's so hard to find the right products that you are looking for that it can be overwhelming. As a busy Mom of 4 children, I don't have time to spend hours searching for healthy and beauty producs and that is why I was really excited to be introduced to the Complete Skin Care page!!!

Complete Skin Care is a page that allows you to purchase high quality products directly from Facebook!!!!  I have never seen an option like this so I thought this was really cool.  I am on Facebook daily and to have a tool like this right in front of me without even having to go searching for another website is definitely a plus!!

What impressed me most about the Complete Skin Care page was the HUGE selection. Normally I would be overwhelmed seeing so many products in one place but the Complete Skin Care page makes it easy because you can search by name brand and by what kind of product you are looking for!  I wanted to give the page a try so first, I went and "liked" it so I could check it out! I loved that it immediately gave an option to sign up for email updates to receive coupons!!!!  I love bareMinerals so I just scrolled down to that option and it listed all of the bare mineral products all together so I just had to click on the one I was interested in!  You can find everything from acne medication to anti aging products and they carry some of the top brands at a discount price! I even found some of my favorite cosmetics on the Complete Skin Care page!

If you are on the lookout for high quality cosmetics and skin care products, from everything to Perricone to Vera Bradley, definitely check out the Complete Skin Care page!!!  It is a lifesaver for people who don't have a lot of time to waste searching for these types of products!

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