Saturday, August 20, 2011

Help Us Win :)

You have probably heard me whine around before about our 9 year old Andrew and his vision issues. My hubby and both his parents have perfect vision and my family isn't TOO bad but poor Drew.....he got diagnosed with vision issues in KINDERGARTEN during a routine eye exam at school.  We made subsequent visits to the eye Doctor and he was diagnosed with an Astigmatism and he has had glasses ever since!  He is awful with glasses and we spend a boatload of time and money on lost and broken glasses but hey, what can I say?! He's an active 9 year old little boy! *lol*

We entered a contest where he could win 2 new pairs of glasses through the America's Best Contacts and Eye Glasses Facebook page and voting starts today. We would REAAAAAAAALLLLLLY like to win so if you would do me a HUGE favor and vote for his picture, it would be so awesome of you!

All you have to do is click HERE to go to the page. After you "like" the page, you have to click the "Back to Cool Contest" on the left hand side. Then scroll down and click to go to the next page because Drew's picture is on the second page.  His picture is the 4th row down, 2nd picture. It's him at school and he's standing beside a girl with a Santa hat.

Thanks so much in advance! Love you all and if I can return the favor, just holler at me or send me a message! I love to help our fans win stuff!!

And if you do decide to vote, I would love to thank you by giving you an extra entry into EVERY giveaway we have up right now.....just leave a comment on each giveaway and tell me you voted and I will add the extra entries into the contests we have running.  You can vote every day so every day that you vote, you can get an extra entry! Just my way of saying thanks for taking the time!

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  1. I voted! My daughter was also diagnosed with an astigmatism when she was four years old (her right eyed turned in). Her first pair of glasses had Donald Duck on them. She is now 20 and still has to wear contacts or glasses, but when she is wearing them, you can't see the eye turn in. We still have those Donald Duck glasses. Good Luck!


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