Monday, August 29, 2011

Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the rising cost of everything these days, we know a lot of people who are dropping their cell phone plans and looking for more cost-effective alternatives.  So many programs are making it possible for you to receive great cell phone service with all of the options of a contract at half the price.  One of those is Straight Talk. It provides everything you need without signing any contracts! Best of all, you get no surprises, no contracts and you don't have to get a credit check!   Plus they offer awesome reception and phones from only top, trusted manufacturers.

I hate being locked into our cell phone plan. We just locked in for another 2 years and I so wish we hadn't because we could be saving money if we opted for an option like this instead.  It's great knowing you can call a friend whenever you want and it's not costing an arm and a leg.

More Perks with Smart Talk's Plans:

*No Extra Charges for 411 Calls

*All You Need plan meets the needs of heavy cell phone users

*Unlimited Service for $45 includes Calling, texting and even the entire year for $499!!!

*No early termination fees

*Smart Phones are Available

*Reconditioned phones available for $10....perfect for young users


*International calling

We have been seriously considering Smart Talk for our children. Right now we are doing "pay as we go" but we have to pay for all of the extras and this would be a great alternative to look into. I think it sounds very tempting! After all, mom knows best, right?! It would be nice to get everything you need without having to sign any more contracts!!

Worth checking out anyway!

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  1. We use Page Plus for the same reasons. We get the same service as we did with Verizon for more than half the cost. The signal is the same too, as they run off Verizon towers. It's amazing how many people are still paying well over $100 for the things that these services offer for $45. I was a sucker for years, but not anymore!

  2. Pfft. I meant "for half the cost." Sleep deprivation wearin' on me!

  3. Oh, this is awesome to know. We gave up our cell phones a few years ago because the cost just wasn't worth it to us. I miss the convenience, but not enough to spend $100+ each month ... something like this would be perfect for us, though.


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