Monday, August 29, 2011

Under the Weather

I am always bragging about how I never get sick but unfortunately, I am under the weather. It started with a sore throat on Thursday morning and quickly got worse. I ended up at Urgent Care last night with an excruciating sore throat and after some quick tests, Strep Throat was the verdict. Lucky me. Saturday night was the first night that hubby and I have been without ANY kids sinced Aiden was born 18 months ago and we spent the night at home watching a movie and then I went to bed! *lol*

I haven't slept much at all in the past couple nights because the pain in my throat is so bad and Hubby had to go back to work today so I am on my own with the little man. I will try and keep up with the giveaways and other posts and I have a big list of winners to post sometime today too. In the meantime, what is your best remedy for a sore throat?! I feel like I'm dying!


  1. Oh Sarah..that sucks..Tea with honey always seems to work ( a little whiskey added doesn't hurt either) I am also a big fan of Emergence! (would be a great company to review fyi) and no dairy at all ( helps breed sugars and you stay sick longer, also phlegm producing)..Try to rest!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!! When anyone in our house has a sore throat, I just keep telling them to gargle with salt water.

  3. Both of my kids are sick too- just in time for the first week of school (of course). Hope you feel better soon.


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