Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School with Hormel Foods

It's hard to believe that a new school year is about to launch and with all the activity, it’s easy to choose items that may save time but are ultimately less nutritious. September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and it’s even more important to make sure kids have access to healthy food, understand the foods they eat, and get in on the action of making healthy meals.


One of the best ways to help your children learn about nutrition is to cook with them! Spice up dinner time by serving breakfast for dinner. Try Hormel Food's Canadian Breakfast Pizza and swap out whole eggs for just the whites. Using egg whites lowers the meal’s calories, fat, and cholesterol content and is still packed with protein that growing kids need. Sprinkle in reduced fat cheese and opt for margarine with low trans-and saturated fats and voila! You have an easy and fun meal for dinner. How simple is that? Before stocking up for school, make a meal plan with your family. Sometimes the sheer number of food choices at the supermarket can seem overwhelming. Sitting down with your children gives them a choice in what they eat (which they’ll love!) and also gives you time to plot out smart choices to help navigate the store.

All too often, (guilty as charged here) kids are rewarded after school, dance class, or a soccer game with sugary, full-calorie foods and drinks. Make sure you keep in mind that there are lots of choices that not only taste great, but are better for them too! One way to cut back on calories and fat is by keeping in mind these healthy alternatives when packing lunches or serving after school snacks. 

Here is a list of simple swaps from Hormel Foods you can make to try and give your children a healthier school year!

Instead of sugar-sweetened drinks and sodas, try 100% fruit juice, low fat milk, low sodium vegetable juice or flavored water!

Instead of full-calorie chips and crackers, try unsalted sunflower seeds, unsalted rice cakes, bananas, carrot or celery sticks with Chi-Chi's snackers or Hormel Turkey pepperoni sticks. (My boys LOVE these!!!)

Instead of sweetened cold cereals, try oatmeal.

Instead of pre-packaged deli meat, try 100% natural Hormel Natural Choice deli sandwich meats with zero preservatives!

Check out the Hormel Foods website for coupons for some of these awesome products!

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