Monday, September 12, 2011

Bon Ami Review and $35 Giveaway from EcoMom Ends 9/25

I am a HUGE fan of Ecomom for a ton of reasons but most of all because they sell products that I know are safe for my family.  It's so difficult to find these types of products on the market but Ecomom has already done all of the work for us and they offer everything you can imagine, all in one place. Now I don't have to search the internet and research products that are safe for my children because Ecomom has already done that.  I was recently sent a box of Bon Ami cleaning supplies from Ecomom and I was so excited to get to use them!

First of all, I was super stoked about the dishwashing soap.  I am very sensitive to most of the dishsoaps on the market. They make my hands itchy so I hate doing the dishes. The Bon Ami dishwashing liquid ROCKS!  I not only loved the scent but I had no trouble with my hands and my dishes were super clean!  I have tried other eco-friendly dishsoaps that have NOT been good so I was really happy with this stuff.  AND, you get a giant bottle for just $4! You can't beat that!

My 2nd favorite product is the spray!  I have literally used this on EVERYTHING in my house! I use it on my countertops, the stove top, and anything else that needs cleaned, even my babies high chair.  I even sprayed some on a stain on my carpet before shampooing it one day and it worked like a charm. And I was so shocked to find out that it only costs $3.29!!!!  I spend more than that on a typical spray cleaner and to have one that works so well AND be safe for my family AND be affordable too, that is just too much!  I love the way my house smells when I get done cleaning with the Bon Ami All Purpose Spray!! 

I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with all of the Bon Ami products from EcoMom!  They are eco-friendly and affordable. And not only is my house cleaner, but I feel like I am doing my family a favor by using products that are totally safe for them and that is what really matters at the end of the day.  


One lucky reader is going to win a $35 Gift Certificate from Ecomom!!!
*Entrants must live in the U.S. or Canada and can not have won a giveaway from Ecomom in the past 60 days*

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end at midnight on 9/25
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