Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Into Savings with Tracfone

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We are making huge efforts here at the Crazy House to start saving money and we are honestly looking itno every area where we spend to see how we can save.  One of our biggest expenses is communication and entertainment. Among our top charges besides major expenses is our Cable, Internet and Cell Phone Bills.  My oldest 2 children love to carry cell phones when they are away from us but it seems so wasteful for them to be on an expensive plan when they really don't use them that much. Tracfone offers So many features that regular cell phones do at a fraction of the cost.  The kids can get the same great phones with the features that they already love too. My daughter uses hers mostly to take pictures and I love that Tracfone offers a great line of popular phones with photo/video and web capabilities. 

They also love to text their friends and Tracfone offers a great deal on packages for texting!  I love their double minutes program too!  A Tracfone would have been great to have had last Summer when my daughters friend went to China for the Summer because she could have spoke to her at no extra charge.  You can check out YouTube for a lot of great videos from Real TracFone customers

The more I learn about these other options for cell phone use, the more I am tempted to try them out for our children. How about you? Are you on a plan or do you pay as you go?

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  1. You readers who have kids and are on a tight shoe string budget would find the Tracfone family value plan of interest as it only costs $27.96 in total for a family of 4. Mom gets 50 minutes and the other 3 get 40 minutes.

    If you want free phones for the kids or cheapie gifts why not go to the Tracfone website where you will usually find free phones provided you buy a Tracfone phone plan with it for $19.99.


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