Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday Angels....Please Help!

So I know the Holidays are still a few months away but you and I both know they are going to be here before we know it. It seems like once school starts, the year just flies by and BAM! It's the holidays already.  My Mother-in-Law sent me a text this morning wanting to sponsor a couple of kids for Christmas and it got me to thinking. We have so many awesome fans and followers and though one person cannot do everything, every person can do something, even if that something is very small. (One of my favorite quotes) so I wanted to challenge you all. Last year, if you remember we had a Crazy House family that we adopted that had 3 girls and a boy. It was so awesome that so many of you donated. Companies and WAHM's sent gifts, hairbows, hats, scarves and gloves, etc. and other readers sent monetary gifts. It was so awesome getting to deliver those gifts to that family on Christmas Eve because it was totally unexpected. This year, I thought it would be really fun if we all went together and again sponsored a few children for the Holidays. 

Here are the children that I vote we "adopt" this year.  These children have all been screened by the Christmas Angels Group on Facebook and have been identified as children in need. Please do what you can to help us make this an AWESOME holiday season for these children!  If you would like to send gifts, please email me at and I will provide you with the address of where things can be sent. If you want to make a donation via Paypal, whether it be $1 or $100, you can send payment to

Bryson, 13 Months

shirt/pant size is 24 months
shoe size is 6.
cars and trucks and things that make music
his needs: winter clothes, bedding items like sheets etc
shoes, straw cups, ride on toys

shirt size 4t
pants size 4t
shoe size 9
likes thomas the train, hot wheels, disney cars, dinosaurs
Needs PJ's

Alise, 4 Years (I just want to pinch her cheeks!)

Clothing sizes are 8 plus, or a size 10 tops and bottoms. she wears a size 12/13 shoe
Tinkerbell, Princesses, Spongebob Squarepants, Bubble Guppies,
Needs some winter clothing and maybe some learning toys, work books (preschool type stuff)

Varia, Age 9

Size 16 girls pants, 14 girls shirts

Shoes size 6.5 - 7 womans
Likes drawing, dancing, bikes, skating
Needs clothes, shoes and little girl things (belts, hairbows, etc)

I really cannot imagine my own children not getting to have Christmas. The mere thought of little kids waking up to nothing under the tree on Christmas morning breaks my heart.  For several years I have been the Director of a ministry called Project Hope and through that ministry, we have provided gifts to hundreds of children. Seeing those little faces light up is the best gift I could ever receive and I assure you that if you do something to help these children, no matter how small, you will reap many personal rewards...if nothing else, you will feel darn good doing it!  I promise you that!

You all ROCK! Thanks in advance for making this another awesome year!



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