Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pillsbury Breakfast Sandwich Giveaway Ends 9/25

School has been back in session for a few weeks here now and I am still struggling to adjust to the new schedule.  With my kids bus coming by 7:30 a.m., a full 30 minutes earlier than last year, I find myself scrambling to get the kids ready in time and still be able to serve them a good breakfast.  Now I have some help from Pillsbury!!!  We love Pillsbury products and they are staples in our house so I was really excited to get to try out some of their newest products!

Available in your grocer’s freezer, Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches and Pillsbury Egg Scrambles heat up in minutes in the microwave. Made with quality ingredients like fluffy real egg, tasty meat, cheese, Grands! Biscuits and Green Giant® vegetables, the new line of quick and delicious frozen breakfast dishes comes in six flavorful choices:

Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich

Bacon & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich

Ham & Veggies Biscuit Sandwich

Bacon & Veggies Egg Scrambles

Sausage Egg Scrambles

Sausage & Veggies Egg Scrambles

We received a few coupons so I picked out the Sausage Egg Scrambles, the Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches and the Bacon & Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches to try.  My husband and children loved all of them and I was happy because I was able to give them a good, hot breakfast in a matter of minutes.  I don't have time to make big, hot breakfasts during the week and these are a great alternative.  Price varies but our local grocer had them for $2.50 a package which I thought was a pretty decent deal.  We will definitely buy them again!! 


One lucky reader is going to win a prize pack that includes 3 coupons to purchase a free package of new Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches or Pillsbury Egg Scrambles , a Doughboy Keychain  and a Doughboy Beanie Doll!

Mandatory Entry:

Just leave a comment here with your name and email address and tell me which variety you think sounds the best!

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end on 9/25 at 11:59 p.m.
Winner will be chosen at random via

The VIP coupons, prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark


Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

I think the Grands Biscuits with egg and bacon sounds the best.


humanecats said...

The sausage and cheese biscuit sandwich sounds the best to me.

humanecats at gmail dot com

Shelly Peterson said...

the Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich looks good.
shelly peterson

ann said...

I love them biscuits

amhengst at verizon dot net

BethElderton said...

The Ham and Veggies Biscuit Sandwich sounds good to me.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

katklaw777 said...

katklaw777 at yahoo dot com
Kat K.
I think the Ham & Veggies Biscuit Sandwich sounds yummy, thanks!

Sandy S. said...

The Sausage & Veggies Egg Scrambles sounds delicious!

skgaff said...

The bacon and cheese biscuits sound yummy!
Stephanie Gaffney

Anonymous said...

love their bisscuits

DawnB said...

Sausage Egg Scrambles sounds great! thanks for the chance to win!
Dawn Bauer

Sugar Mama's Sweet Bowtique said...

Oooh! Either the Sausage & Cheese or Bacon & Cheese Biscuits! Yum!

Amanda Moutos

Kimberly said...

Bacon and Cheese Buscuit Sandwich
Kimberly Schotz

Tonya Payne said...

Ham & Veggies Biscuit Sandwich

Tonya Payne

Anonymous said...

I would love to try Bacon & Veggies Egg Scrambles
Maryann D.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Corrie said...

I want to try the Bacon & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich, that sounds best to me!

supermomonwheels [at] gmail [dot] com

Jessica T. said...

The sausage egg scrambles sound good to me!
reklaw422 at hotmail dot com

Jackie said...

I'd love to try the the Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
jackievillano at gmail dot com

alissa4illustration said...

alissa4illustration AT hotmail DOT COM

Carolyn G said...

I think the Sausage Egg Scrambles sound delish.

Amy O said...

Sausage and cheese biscuit sounds good
Amy O

pinkghosta said...

bacon and cheese sounds the best
amanda hoffman

freddie said...

The Bacon and Cheese Biscuit sounds so good. Debbie Welchert

Anonymous said...

deb c
I think the Sausage & Veggies Egg Scrambles sounds good.
missdeb1 at earthlink dot net

debijackson said...

sausage and cheese bisucuts look great debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

nannypanpan at
sausage and egg scrambles

Elaine said...

ham and veggies!

Ma Knorr said...

Whitney Knorr
whitknorr2 at

Sausage & Egg :)

My4boysand1 said...

I would love the Grands Biscuits with egg and bacon
(Stephanie Phelps)

megan said...

bacon and cheese.thanks!;)

megan said...

thanks!i won the cars lunchbox and cars water bottle...i gave it to my son for his bday yesterday!it came on time !thanks!he loved it!;)keep more good and new contests coming!i love it and i love your site!;)thanks,megan.

Kristen said...

The Bacon & Cheese Biscuit sounds good.

corinne said...

I think the Bacon and Cheese biscuits sound bacon!!

tamiv said...

I like the Bacon and Cheese Biscuits! Anything with Bacon is Good!

Tabitha said...

sausage and cheese bisquit sandwich

Klemm Family said...

I don't like cheese or egg, so nothing sounds good :( But my hubby would love the sausage and cheese biscuits!
Stephanie Klemm
skklemm at gmail dot com

erin h said...

sausage and cheese biscuit sandwich sounds i'm hungry!
erin hombaker

Raven In A Blue Room said...

Bacon & Veggies Egg Scrambles seems great

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

Elizabeth E said...

I would like to try the bacon and cheese biscuits. Thanks for the giveaway!

sassygal1202 said...


Amy W. said...

I think the Sausage Egg Scrambles sounds best. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

Yummy Boy Mummy said...

I'd love to try the bacon, egg & cheese biscuit.

ancfun (at) gmail (dot) com

Cookies said...

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Beverly said...

I would like to try the sausage scrambles.

3NuttyKidz said...

sausage and cheese! thanks

pinkghosta said...

Bacon & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich
Amanda Hoffman

Unknown said...

Sausage & Cheese.. NOM NOM!
Chevelle Sopkin

Thank you!

JLJMommy said...

I think Bacon and veggies sounds delicious. How can you go wrong with those yummy choices?
ktiegen at yahoo dot com

Laura said...

I think the Ham and Veggies Biscuit sound yummy!
Laura W.

coriwestphal said...

Ooh I think the Ham & Veggies Biscuit Sandwiches sound best! yum!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

i would want to try the sausage and egg scrambles.
flyergal82 AT (yahoo) /dot/ #com$

Tylerpants said...

I think the Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich sounds delicious! tylerpants(at)

trixx said...

Bacon & Veggies Egg Scrambles sounds yummy! peanut[at]

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