Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Quest for Zhu Movie Preview

My kids have always loved Zhu Zhu pets so they were stoked to find out that there was a movie coming out and that WE were going to be among the first to get to watch it before it hit the shelves in stores around the country!  We receieved a package that included the new Quest for Zhu movie along with some great treats to help have an awesome preview party!!

I love any movie that engages my children and this is definitely one of THOSE movies!!!  Once the movie started we had 8 children aged 9 and under who actually sat relatively quiet, other than the random bursts of laughter.  The kids loved the characters and especially loved that we have most of the hamsters that were in the movie.  My 6 year old had to run up and dig them all out so he could show his friends that he had all of the characters that are in the movie. 

From a Mom's point of view, I thought the movie was great.  It had a great story line that includes determination, persistence and teaches the lesson of continuing on your journey, even when things get tough. Instead of giving up, you get the help from your friends to keep on moving until you reach your goal or destination. Parts of it were a little bit scary if you have really little one's but overall I think it's a great watch!  You don't have to worry about any foul language or inappropriate parts and that is a big plus with me!!

Still not convinced? Check out what these movie viewers had to say about the Quest For Zhu!!!

Definitely grab this one up when it releases on September 27th!!!

*This is not a paid post. All opinions here are my own. I received a copy of the Quest for Zhu for review purposes*

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