Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saving in the Laundry Room

I am always looking for ways to save in every area of our spending and recently I realized how much simple things like washing and drying laundry can cost us!  With 6 people living in our house, we generate several loads of laundry every day and when you consider the costs of water, detergent, fabric softener, electricity to run the washer and dryer and the gas it takes to fuel our hot water heater, laundry is actually one of our bigger expenses.  We also have to purchase extra supplies because we have hard water so I would say laundry is probably one of our biggest expenses other than our major bills. I have recently started finding ways to save though in the laundry room and I am super excited about how much we are saving!

*Wear things more than once before washing it (providing it isn't dirty or smelly of course)

*Invest in an energy efficient Washer & Dryer

*Wait until the washer is full before you run it

*Wash clothes in cold water

*Hang clothes outside to dry

*Buy concentrated laundry gives you more loads for less money

*Measure the laundry detergent...I found that I was using way more than what was necessary

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What ideas do you have to save in the laundry room?

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  1. I like the idea of hanging clothes outside to dry. In the winter we hang things in the garage and bathroom.

  2. I love the smell of clothes that have been hung out on the line.


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