Wednesday, October 12, 2011

American Insurance Stand Up for Family

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I am always up for a good laugh so I was super excited to watch some of the Stand Up For Family videos by AmFam!!!!  My husband and I watched these together and we seriously couldn't stop laughing....I think because we could relate to so many of them!!!

I love the video on Respect!! Bill Bellamy is hysterical and I can totally relate!  I remember my Mom being the same way that he describes his own Mom but just like he says, I wouldn't change my upbringing at all!!!  But like his Mom, when my Mom said NO, it meant NO!  My kids don't get that....when I tell them "No" it's followed by hours of them begging me to change my mind. I wouldn't have dared even questioned my Mom!!   Maybe I need to get some of my Mom's meanness in me....after all, she was the meanest mom in the whole world as I used to call her!!!

It's funny because my husband and I were just talking about this type of thing yesterday.  Things are so different today than they were back when we were kids. 


American Family Insurance hit one out of the park with these super funny videos!!! If you are up for a laugh, you should check them out too!!!

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  1. Nah, don't go the meanness route... Just keep on saying NO...and when they keep begging.. stay strong. I just ignored them when they started the begging for hours.. worked for me.
    A lot parents feel that if they are disciplining the kids, then they are not loving them. It's hard to tell a child no, it makes you feel like a terrible person, but it is a must. That is how they learn when they are young.


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