Friday, October 14, 2011

Epic Mom Fail....brought to you by Sarah from the Crazy House!

I know we all have THOSE moments where we wish we could hit the rewind button and get a do-over in parenting, right?! I know I can't be alone and it appears that I have mom fail moments way too often but hey, at least I don't pretend I am perfect, right?! 

Last weekend we took the kids to this festival for the first time.  We had heard about it from one of my husband's co-workers and the kids were really excited to go. We drove almost an hour to get there and when we got there, it appeared to be your regular small, county fair. It had all the rides and games that a normal festival would have and there was dozens of food booths selling highly unhealthy foods down the entire main walkway. 

After we got our fill of food (don't judge me, we went with the fried VEGGIES! lol) we found ourself in the midst of something we had never experienced. Bag after bag of flying confetti. You see, at this particular pumpkin fest, it's tradition that after 7:00 p.m. everybody buys bags of confetti and throws it at each other! Nobody is exempt and I have to tell took about 10 seconds before my kids were standing in line to get their own bags. I think we ended up buying 14 bags of confetti (no exaggeration!)  For over 2 hours we walked up and down the walkway throwing confetti in the faces of complete strangers. And strangely, it was very exciting and super fun!!!

Even poor little Aiden got pelted with confetti!! 

I have to say. When we got home, I discovered confetti in places confetti should never go! *lol*

So on the way home, the kids were begging us to stop at a haunted house but being in an unfamiliar area, we weren't sure where to go that would be "family friendly."  So going home, it's pitch black but we see off to the side "Massacre Mills" which appeared to be a haunted woods. So we decided that we would stop and ask the people if it was ok to bring kids through or if it was probably not such a good idea. So we get there and park and Nick and the older 3 get out to go talk to the people in charge when out of nowhere, a teenage girl comes screaming at the top of her lungs out of the woods with Freddy Kruger hot on her trail. The girl was crying and I don't think I have ever seen my kids move so fast to get back to the van. Needless to say, we figured out that it was NOT child friendly so we packed up and came on home.  Pretty sure the kids had nightmares and we never even got past the entrance. Oops!  Guess next time we should do some research ahead of time and find out BEFORE we expose our kids to potentially very very frightening things.

*LOL* What's your latest Mom Fail moment?!

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  1. Mom fail for me is when I went outside to dump the compost bucket. Mica was told to get his pj's on twice. His light was on in his room. I knew he couldn't see me from the outside. He was dinking around in his room dancing and playing. I didn't even think, and pounded on his window to get his attention for him to get his pj's on. It scared the crap out of him! He couldn't see me, but I could see him. I was laughing so hard. But later I thought about how I shouldn't of done that. I to could have given him night terrors.


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