Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flu Shots........Do you get them?

I learned a lesson today. Flu shots are NOT a popular subject among Crazy House fans apparently! *LOL* Seriously though, I had just got done making an appointment for all of us to get ours and I posted a question HERE on our Facebook fan page and asked our readers if their families get flu shots. I couldn't believe the overwhelming "NO'S!" that I got.

I am not one to judge anybody elses decisions. I am a strong believer that each parent does what he/she feels is best for their family. I personally believe that the risk that the flu shot poses is less than the risk of getting the flu, especially because I have small children.  My 4th grader has borderline asthma and I just don't like taking the risk of him getting the flu.  We did have some fatal cases here where I live a couple of years ago.  Illnesses with my kids scare me anyway. Josh has febrile seizures and we don't know about Aiden because he has never really been sick, which I like to think breastfeeding him for 18 months helped with that!  But it's something I have never questioned, right along with immunizations.  I do it because I feel like I am doing what's best for my family.  But just because I do it doesn't mean I think any less of those who don' I said, it's a personal decision for us.  My husband usually doesn't get one but that's because he's a wimp. He can get tattoos but he's afraid of a little flu shot! lol

So how about it?! Do you? Don't you? Why or Why not? I want to know!


  1. I never got them until I was pregnant. I got one while pregnant and then I got one the following year because I felt that it was the right thing to do for me. This year, I don't think we'll be getting them. For me, it's not so much that the risks out-weigh the benefits, so much as the shot does not offer enough protection to make it worth getting. They make the flu shot to protect against the top three viruses from last year. Which means the top three this year are likely to be different than last year's three and will be the three included in next years shot. And it also means that you won't have protection (or full protection) against the other strains that are going around.

    I feel like if a person is in a high-risk situation where he/she feels that any protection is better than none, or if you are in close contact with such a person, it makes sense to get it. Which is why I made the choice to get it while pregnant and again the following year.

    I've also read that protection from the viruses included in the flu shot doesn't wear off after a year, but the three that are included the following year are likely to be different which is why it's recommended to get it every year. However, this year's shot appears to have the same viruses included as last year's shot, so it seems unnecessary to me to go get it a second time.

    It may sound overly PC, but every person and every family is different and I feel that it's everyone's responsibility to do their own research and decide for themselves which vaccinations they feel comfortable getting or having their children get and when.

  2. I get them. There is the flu mist your hubby can get. I think they have those for adults. I don't know for sure.

    I like the shot personally because what if the mist didn't put out a strong mist? With a shot, you know you're getting it.

    I do think a lot of people are anti shots since there was the talk of vaccines causing autisim. Even though that has been disproved, the rates of mentally challenged kids is on the rise! The vaccine that's for cervical cancer has had HORRIBLE side effects. Some have even died after the 2nd shot. I think it just has people scared.

    I have a mom that is a Post Polio Survivor, so I want to prevent my kids from getting something so serious!

    I was a skeptic of shots for awhile. Mica got his staph infection a week after his immunization and Isaak got his meningitis 2 days after his. But reality slapped me in the face. Mica probably got his infection because of an ear infection on that same side. Isaak could have gotten meningitis even from his binki setting on a table.

  3. Since having kids, our family is basically continuously sick from Oct-May. Last year at least one of us was sick every day during those months. If I can save us from getting even ONE flu I'm all for it. So our entire family gets flu shots and/or mists.


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