Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holiday Guide Preview Agloves 3 Winners Giveaway Ends 11/9

We live in a time where everything is so technologically advanced that it is unreal.  We spend our days (or at least I do) connected to the rest of the world somehow, whether it be on our cell phones, laptops or one of our other touch screen devices.  I live in Ohio which means it is going to start getting super cold very soon so I was really excited when a brand new pair of Agloves found their way into my mailbox!!!

About Agloves (From the website)

In the United States and in Europe, touch screens are becoming more popular. Contrary to popular belief, these touch screens are not affected by the heat in your fingers. Instead, the touch screen reacts to the natural bioelectricity in your skin. Tiny amounts of moisture, salts, and oils on your skin create conductivity allowing electrons to flow between you and your device. However, when you put something non-conductive between you and your device (like, say, an ordinary pair of gloves), it won’t work.

So what’s a touch screen-lover to do in the cold? Put on the silver bullet of solutions, of course. That’s right, silver. Silver gloves, that is. Good old number 47 in the periodic table (and number 1 in our hearts) is the most electrically conductive element. Agloves are made with silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into a comfortable fabric that puts the conductivity back in your touch. Conductive gloves is what your touch screen loves.

Put your whole hand into it.

Agloves’ silver fibers are not restricted to two or three fingertips. Instead, the silver fibers are knitted into the fabric of the whole glove. This is important because it provides greater surface area for the natural bioelectricity in your hand. If the tips of your fingertips are not conductive enough due to dryness and cold, the bioelectricity from the palm of your hand flows through the super conductive glove to your fingertips to maintain your connection.

Click HERE to see these awesome gloves in action!!

And what did I think?!?!?!

 I just love a good pair of gloves and the Agloves appeared to be a pretty great pair when I first put them on. They fit perfectly, they were warm and comfy and I love the color but I was mostly curious if I would actually be able to use my touch screen devices while wearing them. I put them to the test and I have to say....I am very impressed.  I am a texting maniac and I normally would have to take my gloves off to do so but not with the Agloves!  They worked like a charm, keeping my hands nice and cozy!  I was also able to use my other touch screen devices without any problem at all.  So not only are they stylish and functional but they actually do what they say they are going to do. SCORE!
These iPhone gloves would make the perfect gift this season for the tech-savvy ladies in your life! Trust me. She will thank you!
Agloves is giving a pair of their awesome gloves to 3 lucky winners!!!

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end at midnight on 11/9
Winners will be chosen at random via random.org

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