Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter to Santa

I just had to share this. My daughter has written multiple letters to Santa so far this year and last night, she wrote a new one with her revised wish list!  I picked it up and read it this morning and I about fell off my chair laughing. Santa is going to have to get a  job until after Christmas if he is going to afford her list! Check this out.

"Dear Santa,  It's me Emma Lewis.  I wanted to write you because Christmas is just a couple of months away now and I wanted to give you my list of things I would like this year.  First of all, I really want an American Girl doll. I have been asking for one for 3 years now and you have never brought me one.  I am getting older and soon will be too old for baby dolls so I would really like to have one this year. Next, I would like a nice cell phone.  My baby brother keeps throwing mine in the toilet and my Mom washed my other one in the laundry so now she keeps buying me cheap one's from Wal-mart that keep breaking. I would really like a nice pink cell phone this year for Christmas. I would also like a new iPOD Touch and an iTunes card so I can download music.  I really want some makeup and jewelry too and also a new soccer ball and a soccer bag. Finally, I would like a new Vera Bradley purse (a small one), a Vera Bradley backpack (the kind that you wear on your back, not carry on your shoulder), and a Vera Bradley duffle bag with a Vera Bradley beach towel that I can take to sleepovers.  If you have room for anything else, I would like anything Justin Bieber and some Barbies but if you don't have room, don't worry about those things. Thanks Santa. I will try to be good until Christmas.



BAHAHAHAHA. I have read it a dozen times today and I just keep shaking my head. Did I mention that Emma is 8?!?!??!  Oh my. I can't wait to see her list when she turns 16!!! 

Are your kids asking for anything crazy this year?


  1. She's only 8 OMG I could have sworn that was a letter from a 16 year old!! That is hilarious!! Good luck on her list.

  2. I love it! My favorite part is "if you don't have room, don't worry about those things."
    My daughters started writing letters when they were three years old. My oldest daughter is now 20 and the younger one is 16. I have every letter they ever wrote to Santa still in the sealed envelopes. I think this is the Christmas when we are going to open all the letters together and read them. Hold on to that will be fun to re-read in a couple of years.

  3. Adorable! I see she's struggling with her "between" years ... she wants a baby doll & make up!! Too cute!

  4. That is so funny!!! Gee Wizz Santa has to be rich. Oh and Mom quit buying her cheep cell phones! ;)

    Off the subject, what ever happened with that family you sponsored last year at Christmas time? Are they doing ok? Did they move away? Did they seem to have a good Christmas last year? Just curious. I kind of forgot about it, until I read this Christmas letter.

  5. Sarah I just came across this giveaway for an American Girl Doll;


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