Friday, October 28, 2011

Playtex Baby Sippy Cup 101 Party Recap Giveaway Ends 11/7

Last night we had our Playtex  Baby Sippy Cup 101 party and I could not be more happy with the results!  I love the opportunity to get together with other Mom's and we had a GREAT  time!!!  Transitioning to a sippy cup can be quite a task but I believe we learn by sharing with each other and I am really glad that we had a group of Mom's that were willing to talk and share about their experiences.  I wanted things to be as relaxed and as informal as possible and I feel like everybody was comfortable and had a good time.

Playtex hooked us up with some AWESOME goodies for the party too!!!  We were all looking forward to checking these awesome cups out!!!

When everybody arrived, we did quick introductions while the kids played. We couldn't have asked for a better group of children!!!  There were 11 kids playing together and most fell into the 1-2 year old range so the fact that everything was nice and peaceful was quite shocking to me! All of the kids were AWESOME and gave the Mom's plenty of time to talk and learn together.

We did a lot of talking at first and it was great for me to hear from other Mom's. I thought it was especially funny that when we spoke about milestones that we were looking forward to, we all had the same things in mind: No more bottles, sleeping through the night, potty training and getting them to sleep in their own beds!!!  It was great to talk to other Mom's who understand what we are going through with our own toddler!  We don't have bottles in the house but we are dealing with potty training and sleeping issus! It was also great to hear the other Mom's give their best advice regarding Motherhood. We heard everything from "Trust your instincts" to "Cherish them while they are young because they grow so fast." My best advice was that we should always respect other Mom's parenting decisions.  We all do what is best for our children and what works for one might not work for another but we should still respect and support each other regardless if we agree or not.

So after we got to know each other and got more comfortable talking together, we got into the Sippy Cup 101!!!  We played a game in which the Mom's had to match the picture of each sippy cup to the clue's given. I especially liked this game because it was an opportunity to talk about the features that each of the cups have.  There were 6 cups that we talked about and each one has unique features that help you determine which cup is best for your child!  Nobody got them all right but a couple mom's got 4 out of 6....not so bad!!!  After the game, we gave out all the goodies so the Mom's could try the cups out and then we just sat around and chatted while the kids played and ate snacks!!!  We had a great conversation about what we expected out of a sippy cup and it was unanimous!!  We all agreed that they must be easy to clean and leak proof!!! 

We also talked about some of Dr. Sears Do's and Dont's which I felt were really helpful!  Our youngest baby was 7 months old and she will just be starting a sippy cup very soon so I think the tips along with the cups that she received should be very helpful! The  Playtex® The First Sipster® cup should be a great start for her as well!!  If you are just starting to give your baby a cup, I would definitely recommend this one!!  It has handles for those little hands to grasp and a soft spout for your baby's sensitive gums!  We had another little guy who was 11 months old and I think this one would be a good one for him too! 

I gave my 20 month old the Playtex Lil" Gripper Spoutless Cup last night and it was priceless trying to watch him try to figure out where to put his mouth. He was licking all over the lid and looking at me like "Is this some kind of joke?!" This cup is intended for bigger kids who are outgrowing their regular sippy cups so I guess we will put this one away for awhile until he is a little bit bigger and can figure out how to use it. He really likes the straw cups right now so we have been experimenting with the First Lil Gripper Straw Trainer Cup and the Lil Gripper Straw Cup!  I especially love that these come with the slider so that the straw stays covered when it's not in use! This is awesome because I tend to stick sippy cups in my purse and my diaper bag and this way I don't worry about leaks!

I was extremely happy with our Playtex Sippy Cup 101 Party and I am looking forward to continuing the use of our new sippy cups and transitioning to some of the others in the future!  Thanks to all of the Mom's who took time out of their evening to attend and share with us!!!

But guess what?! Playtex Baby didn't forget about the loyal Crazy House Readers!!! 


 One lucky reader is going to win a prize pack that includes:

• (1) Playtex® The First Lil' Gripper™ Straw Trainer Cup

 (1) Playtex® Insulator® Spout Cup

• (1) Playtex Dos and Dont's Tip Sheet from Dr. Sears

• (1) Set Sippy Secure Straps

• (1) Set Circle Sippy Cup Labels

• (1) $50 Gift Certificate to Babies R Us

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end at midnight on 11/7
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