Saturday, October 15, 2011

What we REALLY Think of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

We have really put Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to the test over the past month and I have to tell you. I am really surprised at how many uses we found for it.  We were able to do so many projects using the baking soda and thanks to all of our readers, we learned tons of new uses too!  It's always been a staple in our house but I just never knew we could use it for so many different things.  Besides baking, I have always kept a box in both our refrigerator and freezer to zap odors and it really does work!  This week I actually used baking soda to unclog my drain, clean my grill AND to bake cookies.  Never have I found such a versatile product that I could use in virtually every aspect of our lives!!

Just a little bit can freshen your clothes, clean your carpets, freshen your fridge, pamper your body and all for under $1.  Now instead of one box in the pantry, we will be keeping several boxes on hand so we can continue finding new uses for it!

What's a product that you can't live without? Leave a comment here by 10/21 and be entered to win a $25 Visa Gift Card!

This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., Inc, the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is compensating me to try different products. “Save $1.00 Off one 12lb or 13.5lb A&H Baking Soda Product.”. And be sure to visit The Switch & Save Challenge to tap into more resources and enter to win $25,000.


  1. We love Arm & Hammer advance white toothpaste and it's the only brand we buy these days.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. We can't live without Shout for getting out the stains on my son's clothes. It's constantly getting use and usually gets the stains out if I spray them right away.

  3. Shout spray gel for getting stains out of clothes. Love it! (alidear at hotmail dot com)

  4. Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets are the one product I can't live without. I've tried others, but love the scent and it's the one dryer sheet that doesnt make my husband itchy.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  5. I sprinkle Baking Soda on 1/2 a lemon and clean my sinks! It works really good. I keep slicing and sprinkling if it gets too dirty.

    alissa4illustration AT hotmail DOT COM

  6. I can't live with out without a bottle of Club soda, super for cleaning windows, chrome in the kitchen, and the faucets

  7. I can't live without coconut oil (Nutiva brand). Not for cleaning, the house anyway, but great for cooking, moisturizing hair and skin, diaper rash...pretty much every thing...except cleaning the house! I have to try Arm and Hammer for unclogging drains though, what a great idea! And I do use it for no 'poo shampoo :)

  8. I use alot of baking soda also but another item would be vinegar. It's great for cleaning the tubs and showers and deoderizing sinks.

  9. I can't live with out my Wet Ones wipes! I use them for everything.

  10. I can't live without Lysol wipes. I use them at home and at work.
    reklaw422 at hotmail dot com

  11. splenda
    nannypanpan at

  12. Bleach. I clean everything with bleach.



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