Thursday, November 17, 2011

Online Shopping? Buyers Beware!

Other than small odds and ends items, I am done holiday shopping. That's right. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, Black Friday has not yet arrived, and I, Sarah Lewis, am done with my holiday shopping. How? Because I started WAY early and I did most of my shopping online. My hubby and I did make one trip to Toys R Us and the Mall last month to get some items but other than that one day, everything we have purchased has been online.  For the most part, I was very satisfied with shopping online. For a lot of purchases,  was able to find discount codes or free shipping deals. The items all came quickly and I was able to get them hid away before the kids saw them!

One of the big gifts my daughter asked for was the new Barbie Townhouse. I had already purchased her big gift when she told me she wanted the Barbie house more than anything...I was already over budget for her gifts so I saved a little bit of money here and there over the past several weeks so I could purchase the Barbie house since she wanted it so badly. I ended up ordering it online from Toys R Us because they are offering FREE shipping right now AND because they were offering a free Barbie case! Of course when I placed my order they were completely sold out of all of the barbie cases but I ordered it anyway because it was on sale and for the free shipping. I knew it was going to arrive this week so I have been on the lookout! I was shocked to find it on my porch last evening at 6:00 p.m. but not only was I shocked, I was LIVID! The kids and I were on our way out the door to run to the grocery and there it the original box, just as if you were to buy it right off the shelf!!! It wasn't covered, it wasn't wrapped. It just looked like it was pulled from the shelf and a shipping label was slapped on it.  I had to hurry up and get it hid in our storage room before the kids could see it.......if my daughter had come out ahead of me, she would have seen it and the surprise would have been ruined!!!!  Grrrrr.

Have you had any issues with online shopping?! I am going to keep this in mind in the future and make sure I specify to companies I am ordering from that this is not acceptable.....surely they would have to realize that people are holiday shopping, right?!


  1. I have had that happen too! (But for me it was with Amazon). I complained to Amazon about it, but that didn't seem to matter b/c I never got a response from them and it has happened several times since them. I don't think it is good for security purposes either...I don't need all of my neighbors seeing that I have a brand new power shovel sitting on my porch all day while I'm at work!

    And I am relieved to hear that your daughter didn't see it...phew! This time of year, especially with toys, you would think the companies would know better!

  2. oh no, I haven't happen yet, but will keep this in mine for any big items I order online.

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