Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rachel Crow from the X Factor...If I Were a Boy. WOW!

Rarely do I get sucked into reality tv (OK, I am totally lying, I LOVE IT!) but seriously. I don't have time to watch a lot of tv, especially with a husband and 4 children but every once in awhile something will totally WOW me and I have to tell ya. I found that WOW within the talent show, the X Factor USA.  I always watched the American Idol shows when I had the chance but never have I heard a voice like that little Rachel Crow!!!  Can you say AMAZING?!?!?!  Her performance of If I Were a Boy gave me TOTAL goosebumps!!!

All I can say is, You Go Girl!!!!

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  1. that was amazing, cant believe how little she is with that wonderful voice. i dont watch the show but i did watch chris rene's audition and it made me cry. did you see chris rene audition?


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