Sunday, November 20, 2011


When I got married 10 years ago, I was really young and had no clue how hard it would be to make our marriage work. But marriage is a lot of work. You have to learn to listen, to communicate and to really care about how your spouse feels. You have to learn the things that make your spouse happy, the things that make them tick. For those who think marriage is easy, I advise you to think again. In a time where life is busier than ever, it's no wonder so many marriages are falling apart. People just don't take the time to connect anymore. I have even found with my own marrige that we are often doing our own thing instead of spending time together. I might be on the computer while my hubby is watching tv or playing games on his iPod. Since we love this technology so much, we were really excited to be introduced to Tokii! 

 Tokii is an online resource that allows couples to interact and explore one another through the use of a unique social platform.  It's what I would describe as  a social networking sites......for couples! They offer a large line of DiscoveryGames that allow couples to answer questions and guess how the other person is going to answer!!!  With the holidays now upon us, I have been playing around on the Holidays and Travel page. I decided to play a couple of the games solo and I like that because after I answer, it tells me how the rest of the Tokii community answered as well!  My husband and I played a little of the "Hosting Thanksgiving" game together and it was funny to see how we both answered. For me, the best party of hosting Thanksgiving is having everybody in the family there together.  Of course hubby answered FOOTBALL!! 

Here is an example of how the website can see where I answered a question and then I had the option to guess how my hubby would answer! Of course between these 4, wouldn't most men say the Superbowl?! *LOL*  After I finish answering, my husband can answer the questions and he gets to guess how I answered and then we can compare answers!

Tokii offers couples to explore a large range of topics including things like spirituality, military, parenting, newborns, weddings, etc. One of my favorite pages so far has been the Friends and Family page! It really allowed my husband and I to explore our thoughts on the different bonds of the family.  The Bonds of Growing up game allows you to explore your own childhood, determine how birth order affects a person, etc.  

Another favorite feature of mine is the Trading Post where you can swap favors!  Here is something I just proposed to my husband! I am offering to cook him his favorite dish in the world for supper tonight, Shrimp Scampi, if he will do the dishes after! Now he can either accept or decline my offer!!!

Tokii is a really fun way to keep couples connected, especially if you spend a lot of time apart. I think we could all use a little extra ways to help keep things creative and fresh when it comes to our relationships and Tokii definitely allows you to do that!!! Sign up for a free account today and start discovering!!!

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