Monday, November 21, 2011

World Vision Giveaway Ends 12/5

This is an awesome time of year to give to others in need. I love to reflect on the blessings that we have been given and it makes me feel good to turn around and bless someone else who has not been as fortunate.  I know what it is like to struggle and wouldn't wish that feeling on anybody so whenever I have the chance to give, I do it with an open heart and I can only hope to pass that along to my own children. 

World Vision is one of those organizations that I have the utmost respect and admiration for. I remember last year when my kids came running in from school and telling me that they needed all of my spare change because they were raising money at school to buy people cows and chickens. Of course I laughed at them and said they must be mistaken...that was, until I read the World Vision brochure that they had brought home with them.  They were, in fact, collecting money to provided livestock and other means of living resources to donate to need families around the globe.  And if you think about it, it makes a ton of sense. You can give  a family $100 worth of food that might last a week but for $100, you can also buy them things like a goat and 2 chickens that will provide a family with large amounts of milk and eggs for a long period of time.  For $500, you can provide a family with 13 farm animals....Thirteen farm animals can save families from hunger! With this truly life-changing gift, you’ll provide ample protein and vital nutrition — including milk, eggs, meat, and more — for years to come. As the animals multiply, families can sell surplus food for extra income. A bountiful and enduring blessing!

But World Vision doesn't just offer the opportunity to feed families. They offer educational resources, clean drinking water and medical care. A donation of $1,000 can fully stock a health clinic!  And while you may look at these prices and think, I can't afford to donate $1,000 for something like can! They also sell shares of these gifts so while you can't give $1,000....maybe you can get 10 people together to each give $100. Or you can get a community together to each give $1! Think about what an impact that could be. I live in a community of around 10,000 people....Imagine if each person just gave $1....that would make such a significant impact on so many lives!!!

You can even choose to give help to someone right in your own country. There is an entire page, for instance, of ways you can help families in the U.S. !!!  For just $50, you can provide $300 worth of necessities to a needy child including clothing, shoes, etc. With 1 in 5 children in the U.S. living in poverty, think about what a tremendous gift this could be!!!

And now, World Vision is making it even easier to give!!!!  You can now consider giving gifts to your loved one's from the World Vision's Gift Catalog. Not only will your loved one be receiving an awesome gift, but the proceeds will go to make a difference in the lives of children and families living in poverty in the U.S. and around the world!!! With a financial contribution, the gift giver selects one of 36 items that can be given to someone on a holiday gift list and at the same time help a person in need. Visit the World Visions Gift page where you will find a selection of gifts with this two-for-one benefit!!!!  

I  received a beautiful Artisan Beaded Necklace from World Visions!  It was hand crafted in Thailand and can be worn in so many different ways! I wear it as a single strand and my daughter wears it as a double stranded necklace and a multi-stranded bracelet!!! This is just one of the many gifts you can give to someone while helping others at the same time!!!

Check out The True Spirit of Christmas Tour Facebok page too!  For the third consecutive year, World Vision staff will be traveling across the world this December to see the impact that goats, sheep and other gifts have on families and children.


One lucky winner is going to win the same Artisan Beaded Necklace that we received!!!

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end on 12/5 at 11:59 p.m
Winner will be chosen at random via

*This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own. Review and giveaway were provided at no cost by the company and/or representing PR firm*

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