Friday, December 2, 2011

BuckleyPanda! Giveaway Ends 12/14

I love toys that can also educate my children so I was really excited when I learned about a company called BuckleyBoo!!!  We received the cutest little panda bear from them and our little guy LOVED him from the first time we took him out of the box.  I wondered if he would just play with it for a day and then leave it behind like he has so many other toys but I am so excited how much he loves to play with this toy! He carries it around the house and he will sit with me for hours watching me buckle and unbuckle the straps. I am almost looking forward to the next stage where he can learn to do it himself! LOL He has mastered the buckling part but then he will hand it off to me to unbuckle it for him...again and again and again.

About BuckleyBoo

BuckleyBoo is a growing collection of award-winning developmental stuffed toys co-created by a child psychologist and grandma that encourage cognitive development and sequential learning through matching, buckling and unbuckling. Plus BuckleyBoos are adorable and cuddly and are sure to become your little one’s new favorite friend!

From the age of 18 months to four-years-old, children will embark on a developmental journey with BuckleyBoo where each mastered task serves as a springboard for the next level of learning:

Stage 1: Matching - Children first learn to visually scan and match the brightly patterned ribbons on their BuckleyBoo - polka dot to polka dot, stripe to stripe.

Stage 2: Buckling - At eighteen months, children are ready to buckle, but they cannot yet unbuckle, which makes BuckleyBoo, for a time, a toy to be shared between parent and child. At this stage, the child will likely leave all the other buckles in their environment alone; now they have their own buckles with which to play.

Stage 3: Unbuckling - At three years, children have both the physical strength and the problem solving skills to buckle and unbuckle and they will happily do for hours on end. Children will also begin to integrate their lovable pal into their world of imaginative play.

Apparently, Buckley IS pretty great to snuggle with too!!  Our little guy carries him around everywhere....even to naptime!

The 17” BuckleyPanda retails for $29.99 and the 12” for $19.99 (a great stocking stuffer!) and is available online at as well as specialty toy, education and gift stores (see the website for all product pricing and list of local retailers). Other BuckleyBoo animals include a lion, monkey, dog, bunny, bear and more!

The BuckleyPanda would make a great gift this holiday season!!


One lucky reader is going to win their own BuckleyPanda!!!

Thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK!
Giveaway will end on 12/14 at 11:59 p.m.
Winner will be chosen at random via

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