Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Post: Tis the Season....for Head Lice?!?!?!

I received an email today that I thought was worth sharing with all of you. While we know that head lice can show up anytime of the year, I think it's especially bad in the winter because of hats and coats that are stored so closely together in schools, daycares, etc. I know that my children have to share very small lockers with 3-4 other students and all 3 of my elementary aged children have had to go to the clinic this year for headchecks because someone in their locker had head lice. Hopefully this article from Adie Horowitz, owner of Licenders will help a little bit!

Adie’s tips for lice prevention

Know the “lice” time of year

Winter: Travel time, clothing layers, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

Summer: Camp, play dates, travel, hats, road trips

Prevention products: peppermint is a deterrent scent to the bug, many shampoos/conditioners contain this ingredient

Once per week throw backpacks, hats and jackets in the dryer for 20 minutes

Educate children on the importance of not sharing hats, hair-bows, jackets and gloves

Check your children frequently for head lice, it’s much easier to get rid of if you discover it at an early stage

About Adie Horowitz

Adie Horowitz, the founder of Licenders, is a mother who felt like she had nowhere to turn when her children were diagnosed as “having lice.” As an informed mother, Adie insisted that there must indeed be alternative methods for removing lice without using highly toxic products that were in the marketplace. With significant research, Adie created her own lice removal process and product to handle her household problem. Within the next three months, Adie’s services were in such high demand by mothers that had heard of her lice removal process and its success that she was faced with the need to open an official business to help others in need.

Adie Horowitz applied for and won the Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition to fund Licenders. A successful entrepreneur, mother, mentor, role model and speaker, Ms. Horowitz's vision includes creating jobs and serving communities throughout the nation.

I would like to thank Adie for the valuable info and hopefully it will help some of our readers out! 

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Lice can be a total nightmare, OMG. Hang in there! You can get rid of them. I teach my kids to never share hats or other hair accessories, hugging is a hard one for them, and I do like they are close to their friends, but lice LOOOOVEE to jump around when you get close. killed our lice. But even now, i check their hair nightly to be sure they didnt come back. And totally agree with the camp comment, they usually get it after a summer camp many many lice, eh!

    Great post!! YOU ROCK.


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