Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Quick Food Ideas

Our participation in the Hormel Foods Extended Blogger Program is coming to an end but don't be sad because we have been asked to participate again so I will continue bringing you great recipes and ideas from Hormel Foods into the New Year. YAY!!! I have really enjoyed sharing the recipes and hope you have benefited from some of them!!!  If you missed any of them, please feel free to click the "Special Groups" link at the top of the page for a full listing!!!  This is one of our favorite programs to have participated in because it has really spiced things up for my family in the kitchen. We get so tired of the same old foods and this has been a great way to try new things!!!! For my final post of the year for the program, I thought I would share some of  our favorite Hormel Foods that are easy and ready to take to your New Years get togethers!!! Sometimes it's hard to find the time to make things so if you are short on time, these are great choices!!!!!

First of all, Lloyds Barbecue is an awesome choice!!!!  The selection is HUGE and most of the foods are ready to go within minutes!  You can click HERE to see a list of all of the choices they offer!  Our personal favorites are the Lloyds Woodfire Barbecue selections!!!  You can choose from Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken (My fave!!!) or Beef Brisket!!!!  

Have you seen the Hormel Party Trays?!?! I love these because they are in a case as soon as I walk into our local Wal-Mart! I can run in, grab what I need and get out within minutes and best of all, they are ready to eat!!! Depending on what your grocery carries, you can choose from a huge variety depending on what your tastes are!!!!  

If you are entertaining children, Hormel Snac* Cups are the perfect choice! Kids love these because they are delicious and parents love them because they don't make a mess!!!! Filled with Hormel® pepperoni, Sargento cheese and Keebler crackers, this is the perfect choice for kids!!!

Don't forget the MegaMex line of Mexican foods! Our favorite has to be the Chi Chi's Snackers! They are really convenient and come in mild, medium and nacho cheese varieties! The Chi Chi's salsa is also super easy to use......just dump the jar into a dish and you have ready-to-eat salsa!  You can add cheese to the salsa and cook it in the microwave for a yummy warm mexican dip or you can keep it cold and add in a package of cream cheese for a delicious cold dip!!!  We absolutely LOVE their tortilla chips too, especially the Round Yellow Tostado Chips!!!!  These are so crisp and yummy, just like the one's you get in a restaurant!!!!

What is your favorite party dish for New Years?!?!?!?!

*I am a member of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Bloggers Program. No compensation was received, all opinions are my own*


  1. We always do easy foods too. Salsa and Chips. Sausages and BBQ sauce. Even pizza!

  2. I love the Hormel Trays - we get them even when not having get togethers or anything like that just to have something to snack on!

  3. Love these trays- they are great for all sorts of parties!!

  4. My favorite from this gathering of foods is Salsa and chips! I haven't seen Hormel Party Trays yet. Will check them out!

  5. I love the Lloyds tubs. We eat those for lunch when the kids are on vacation for school. I've never heard of the snack cups, but they look great.


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