Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dormia Pillow Review

I don't know about you but having the right pillows on my bed is super important.  There is nothing worse than getting an uncomfortable pillow and subsequently tossing and turning all night because you can't get comfortable!!  I am so obsessed with my pillows that I will actually take one of ours with us when we go away on trips just so I don't get stuck in that situation. Having said that, I am always on the lookout for new pillows that help keep me comfy at night so I was excited to receive a new pillow from Dormia!!!

The first thing I noticed about the pillow that we received was that my head sank right down into it and it actually conformed to my head. It was so nice and comfy!!!!  The next thing I noticed was that the 2nd night we had it, it disappeared onto my husband's side of the bed!!!!  So after a quick argument, I won and got my new pillow back!

With 4 kids, there is nothing more valuable to me than a good night's sleep and Dormia definitely helps me in that department! Now I just need them to send me one of their mattresses and I will be all set!  :)  If you are looking for some awesome pillows, look no further! Dormia offers the Memory Foam Contour Pillow, Memory Foam Conforma Pillow and the Latex Foam Pillow.  All 3 are excellent choices especially if you are craving a good night's sleep!!!

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