Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So over the past couple of weeks blogging has become a nightmare for me because my computer has been running so slow!!!  Since I was home today with some "spare time" I figured I should tackle it and see what was going on. We have 3 elementary aged children who play on our family computer pretty regularly and then of course our almost 2 year old "plays" on it as well so really I had no clue what could be wrong.

I started looking into it and when I went into my tools, I found this program on my computer called Kikin and after doing some investigating, I found that this was most certainly our problem. I am not really even sure what it is, I just know it's some kind of add-on or plug-in. I am not a computer tech person but I found after some investigation that it is some type of program that tracks your internet usage and then creates ads based on your usage. This must also be the culprit of all of the pop-ups we have been seeing as well!!! Seems pretty sneaky to me, however it got on my computer, but I was able to get it off quickly and easily in the "add and remove programs" feature in the Control Panel.

Any of you ever had this trouble? I can't believe how much faster our computer is running since I got rid of this and all the pesky toolbars that somehow got downloaded! I am thinking Santa should have brought me a new computer for Christmas.....one that my little stinkers can't accidentally download stuff on to!!! I must have had 10 different search engines and toolbars. Uggggggggggh.

Sure glad it was an easy fix though!!!


  1. I had to completely wipe my computer over the weekend because our 3 children, and my biggest child downloaded something that made me see ads every time I tried to search for something and even though I got rid of everything I didn't recognize, I couldn't stop the problem...I think I'm going to get myself a laptop and let them fuss with the desktop LOL


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