Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Naked Baby

Having 4 children is wild and crazy enough as it is but throw a naked baby in the mix and you have all kinds of crazy going on! Seriously. I am going nutso with this constant battle to keep our almost 2 year old dressed! He strips down as soon as I get him dressed and remains completely naked for a good part of the day. As soon as I see him, I put his diaper and his clothes back on him but then after my back is turned, I will come back to find him naked, streaking through the house yet again. My favorite part is when he will walk up and throw his diaper right at me as if to say, "You thought I couldn't do it, huh?!" So how DO you get a toddler to keep their clothes on?! Awesome question that I don't have the answer to! LOL Here are some things I have tried without any success:

*Onesies.....these worked for a short while but soon Aiden had mastered the snaps. When he cannot get the buttons off, he just takes his arms out one at a time. Little booger.

*Turning the diaper around backwards.....another fail.  If he pulls hard enough, he can just slip them down.

*Overalls....not even overalls could stop this guy! He loves to be naked and it's like he is just daring me to get him dressed anymore.

*Tape..........Yep. I even tried good ole Duct Tape. Hey, they say you can use it for anything and everything, right?! Wrong. Duct Tape was easily torn off by my little super baby and then we just had another mess!

The only thing that he CANNOT get off is zippered sleepers. These are great.......if you put them on backwards!!!  We can also do 1 piece rompers that button...if we put those on backwards too. Luckily he only strips down at home so this works for us. I obviously would never take him out into public with backwards pj's on but since we don't have a problem while we are out and about, this will work for us now. Did you ever had a baby who refused to keep dressed? What worked for you?!

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  1. yes, my 18 month old is doing it too! we use masking tape, seems to stick a little better.


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