Sunday, January 8, 2012

Panic Attacks. Yikes.

I apologize for my absence lately but boy have I been going through some crazy stuff. Ever since New Years, I have been having some crazy symptoms that have really upset my life.

It started on New Years Day with weird cramps in my left calf. They felt sort of like charley horses and then continued several times throughout the day. The next day, the cramps continued and my leg started to hurt.  I also started having this weird pain in my chest. Because of my families history with blood clots and my own personal history with a blood clotting disorder, I have to admit.......I started to freak out. I have only had a couple of real panic attacks in my life and I wouldn't wish them on anybody in the world but I started having them this week. Bad. My heart would start to race, I would not be able to catch my breath. I shook like I was freezing to death. I was dizzy. It was really scary. So I finally decided to go to the ER to get checked out.

As soon as I gave them my symptoms, they automatically suspected a blood clot. They ran an EKG of my heart and did a series of bloodwork to determine if there was a clot in my leg. They also did a chest xray to make sure they weren't missing anything. I was there for several hours and to my surprise, everything came back normal!

Since that day, I have continued having the cramps in my left leg, the pain in my chest has continued and I have had massive pressure at the bridge of my nose and up into my head, causing some really bad headaches.  I am at a loss that the Dr's did not find anything at the ER. The symptoms are very real and very scary yet nobody seems to think they are a big deal. My family keeps telling me I am just a worry wart and it's all in my head but the symptoms I have been experiencing are not made up. LOL It is so frustrating trying to tell people how I am feeling to just hear back that I am just being paranoid!!! But they would be paranoid too if they had experienced what I have! During my first 3 pregnancies, I had 6-8 mini strokes that my midwife just blew off and during my 4th pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder. I had to take a daily dose of asprin which worked great but I still worry that some day I am going to have a full blown stroke from a blood clot and that is so scary for me to think about!!!!

So I am going to find a good Dr. tomorrow and hopefully find out what the heck is going on. I pray it's only minor. But that's where I have been...I am still working on a lot of great stuff behind the scenes including a birthday bash coming up! I will try and do a better job of emailing back too, just understand that right now, my email inbox is very scary looking!!! LOL

Have a great week!


  1. Panic Attacks are scary. I am glad that you are going to find another DR. and see what could be wrong. You know yourself better than anyone and if something isn't right...well then something isn't right.I hope you feel better soon and are able to get some answers.

  2. I hope the other dr. can give you some answers. That does sound scary! I'm sorry you've had to go through this.

  3. Yuck Yuck Yuck. I sooooo understand what your going through. I had severe panic attacks in the late 90's and now have whats called panic disorder. I have been on meds since 1998 and they help alot. I have learned to deal with them and move beyond those moments and take them as they are. Scary as hell but they truly are harmless.

    I truly wish you some strength and healing through this time. I simply learned from reading a book that when you are in the midst of one to actually want it more and to tell the panic attack to give me all it can. This in turn has the opposite effect. It kills its momentum and does not give it as much power. There was a time I was housebound for over a yr but again the sun always shines when we are dealt tough blows.

    Hugs from one who knows and understands.
    Kevin at Linkies Contest Linkies

    P.S so nice to hear you talk about it. Sorry your dealing with it but at one point I would not have even been able to write about it I would have been too embarrassed as everyone thought I was crazy.

    Get better :)

  4. That's so crazy! I had a panic attack out of nowhere yesterday and have been having constant anxiety since. I had a partial molar pregnancy almost a year ago and had this sort of anxiety then (I guess it can be a symptom), so now I'm totally freaked out that the molar cells have turned cancerous and that's making the anxiety even worse. Ahh!

    I wouldn't wish this stuff on anyone. I hope you find your answers and soon. :-(


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