Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ATV Safety Tips for Beginners

Spring is right around the corner (did Winter ever really arrive?) which means people all over will be bringing out their outdoor toys, including ATV's.  We personally have several here at our own home that we enjoy riding but safety is a HUGE concern for us!  It wasn't very long ago when a teenage girl here in our town was killed while riding on the back of an ATV and that always comes to mind when we get them out for our family to enjoy. Riding ATV's comes with certain responsibilities and we all must be very diligent in making sure everyone who rides them is properly trained and always puts safety first.

First of all, we always make sure everyone wears a helmet, including the adults because we lead by example. Our older 2 children are allowed to ride our small ATV alone but our 6 year old is only allowed to ride with an adult.  None of the kids are allowed to drive our big 4-Wheeler alone. We also have a clear course in our back yard that the kids are allowed to ride on and they are not allowed to go anywhere outside of that trail we have created. Our other big rule is that they are only allowed to ride when an adult is outside, they are NEVER allowed to ride when they are outside alone. Certain states also offer ATV safety courses for people to utilize. Different states have different regulations involving ATV's so it's best to check and make sure your state doesn't require you to have any type of special license or certification before you purchase and ride an ATV.

What about you? Does your family ride ATV's? What are some of your rules?

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  1. We only have a battery powered (HotWheels) one for our son, but hubby keeps harping about getting a gas powered one for him. He's only 3 1/2 years old! I have little to know experience with ATV's, I'm super against it right now, but by the time he's 6 I suppose I'll end up giving in!

  2. My family loves ATV so much especially when we get home to the farm. Thanks for the tips!


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