Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Shower Ideas

It's been awhile since I planned a baby shower but I know several of our loyal fans and readers are currently expecting so I wanted to share the CUTEST idea with you! So much money is spent on the cake at parties but I came across some cupcakes on the Baby Gaga site that could possibly be the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  The next time I have to plan a baby shower, I am sooooooooo making these. All you need to do is bake the cupcakes, icing them and add something for the eyes and then add the pacifier. If the Mom-to-Be has asked for pacifiers, buy the brand she is asking for and these will double as gifts!  If it's a girl you can use pretty pink and purple binkies and if it's a boy, you can look for blue's and green's!  I read that the best way to get flesh colored icing is to buy a copper food coloring and just add a single drop to the white icing.  You can use chocolate icing for a darker skin color for the babies or if you need a lighter colored brown, you can try this. Mix equal parts of red and green food coloring into the icing. Add a touch of orange and green to the mix and you will achieve a nice tan-like brown. If you add a touch of yellow instead, you can achieve a darker, richer brown.  If the color looks too gray or black, you can add more red or yellow to get the desired results. You just have to play around with it....unless you can find the brown dye and then you are good to go! 

How cute are these!? So much cuter than  cake!!!!!!


  1. OMG...these are the cutest! I'm pinning them :)

  2. That is the picture of my cupcakes from my baby shower almost 6 years ago. I'm glad people like them! :)


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