Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Care Packages

It's Valentine's Day and that means there will be gifts galore being given to loved one's today.  My kids brought home a paper where their school was doing an awesome thing for our local service people and I wanted to share! Most people think of Care Packages in regards to those in the military but there are also people right here in our community who provide services to us. Policemen. Firefighters. Even our Mail Carriers. So I wanted to share this idea with you. Maybe you and your family might want to make up a couple of these care packages or you could even organize a church group or school group to do something similar. Either way, I think it's a GREAT idea to show these individuals that we appreciate them! I have included the list that the school gave us along with a few more ideas of our own!

Care Package Ideas:

Handmade gifts: Cards, books, pictures, small gifts
Reading Materials: Magazines, books
Game Books: Crossword puzzles, sodoku, etc.
Games: Playing cards, chess, checkers
Outdoor activity items: Baseball gloves, frisbees
Powdered drink mixes: Coffee, tea, cocoa, hot cider, kool-aid, Gatorade, Tang, Flavored water packets
Microwaveable foods: non-persishable, just-add-water foods, popcorn
Snacks: Candy, chocolate, trail mix, granola bars, gum, cookies, nuts, popcorn, chips, nutrition bars, jerky, vacuum packed meats, canned chicken, canned fruits,canned veggies
Sugar packets
Electronic Media: DVD's, Music Cd's, video games
Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizer-for when there's no water
Gift Cards: movie rentals, restaurants, etc.
Hand Warmers, Ear muffs, gloves
Dog Treats (for postal workers to hand out to dogs)
Travel Mugs

What a great way to show those service people in your community that you care!!!


  1. What a neat idea.
    I am visiting from the Bloggin' Social Alexa hop. Have a great day

  2. This is a great idea...and what a great way to get the kids involved.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  3. I love it! our community people always need to know their service is appreciated, because they definitely get a lot of flack from their jobs!

  4. That is what made America so strong...neighbors helping neighbors!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. This is a wonderful idea! I sent my grandma a care package for Valentine's Day instead of flowers.

  6. What a great idea. Most people don't really think about local service people other then at Christmas / New Year time. This is a great way for children or local organizations to show that they care.

  7. What a truly wonderful idea!! Fantastic to get the kids doing something special too.

  8. This is a Great idea and having the kids involved makes it that much more special.

  9. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing this important reminder to think about others!


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