Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels....Another Easy Valentines Day Treat for the Kids!

Since I am in party planning mode right now, I wanted to share another easy Valentines Day treat idea if you are party planning. Once again, these are great for both kids and adults and I love these because you can really be as creative as you want to be! You can get so many different colors of candy melts and candy decor items for these that you can create a look all your own! I prefer the Wilton Candy Melts but you can use whatever kind of coating that you would like. I was able to find Wilton's red, pink and white candy melts at our local Wal-mart for just $2.50/pack so these worked perfectly for our Valentine's Day theme. I am even able to let my 2 year old help with these so go ahead and let the kids help! They will have a blast! 

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Ingredients Needed:

Pretzel Rods
Various colors of Wilton's candy melts
Sprinkles/Candies for decor 
Wax paper 


(1.) Melt candy melts per instructions on package

(2.) Dip pretzel rods about halfway into the candy coating. You can also spoon it on to make it thicker.

(3.) Immediately sprinkle with Valentine's Day themed candies/sprinkles

(4.) Lay on wax paper to dry

(5.) Put in air-tight container until you are ready to serve

So easy and I promise these will be a HUGE hit!

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