Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Educational Insights: Blurt! Giveaway Ends 2/26 Open to U.S. and Canada!

You all know that we LOVE to play games around here and we are always looking for new ways to keep our 4 children occupied. We were recently sent a new game from Educational Insights called Blurt....talk about a super fun (and LOUD) time!!! This game combines thinking fast with vocabulary building....I swear, your kids won't even know they are learning!!! 

First of all, our entire family loves this game. It combines learning with being loud and silly....a perfect match for us!!!  When I told the kids that they didn't have to wait their turn or raise their hand to talk and they were aloud to just blurt out their guesses, they thought that was super cool. Even our 2 year old was yelling....although we aren't really sure what exactly he was yelling. LOL It's so easy to get tongue tied and watching the kids facial expressions was priceless as they snapped their fingers and tried to come up with the answers.

Setup was also a breeze which is a huge plus for me. It only took a few seconds and we were ready to play. It took longer for the kids to choose which color they wanted to be than anything. Typical.

So basically, this is how it works. There are 2 sides to the cards....an "easy" side and a more difficult side. After the player rolls the die, the person reading the cards reads off the definition from the corresponding number on the card. The players then must blurt out the right answer!  For instance, I would read "To breathe through your mouth in a noisy way while sleeping." And the kids would have to guess the right answer, "Snore!" It's definitely a game that requires fast thinking but I promise you, it is super fun and knowing that my kids are learning new words and definitions makes me very happy. There were several times where one of them would say, "I didn't know that's what that was called" so I know they are picking up useful information from this game and as a Mother who really values learning, I LOVE that!!!!

Adults can also play this game and it's equally fun. We recently played it at a game night and there were laughs all around. If you play on the harder side, you can find clues that are a little bit more difficult which are more appropriate for adults, although we had fun playing on both sides.  For instance, one of the clues was "A trap in the form of a noose for catching small animals." The answer? "Snare!" My kids would probably never guess that but most adults would know the answer. It's just a matter of who comes up with that word the fastest!!!

If I could rate this game, it would DEFINITELY be a 5 star game. I think this would even be a good classroom game!!!  You could split the kids up into 2 teams and have 1 person from each team come up at a time and face-off. I will definitely keep it in mind, as I am always looking for new games to play in my children's classrooms. If you have children aged 7+, seriously. Get this game. And I just found there is a travel version as well. Double score!!! Check it out HERE!


One lucky winner is going to win their own Blurt game!!

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