Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Plant an Herb Garden...from Hearst Magazines!

Funny how I get so many random emails throughout the day and then suddenly one will catch my eye  that I seriously need to see! I am clueless when it comes to gardening but the kids are always bothering me to plant an herb garden, which I think is a cool idea, I just have no clue what I am doing. The email I received today was from Hearst Magazines and it contained a sneak peak into the special edition that hits newsstands on March 6, 2012!  Be sure to check this out!!!!

One of the first things it had was instructions for an easy to plant herb garden. SCORE!

The 1-Hour Herb Garden
These aromatic plants are perfect for growing in containers, making this project ideal for apartment-dwellers and experienced gardeners alike. Keep them near the kitchen door, and you’ll have a steady supply all summer long.
Step 1: Cover the pot’s drainage hole with a terracotta shard or a coffee filter. No drainage hole? Drill one in the bottom of the pot. (For smaller pots, the hole should be a half inch in diameter; for larger pots, 1 inch.) Fill the container about two-thirds full with your potting mix.
Step 2: Map the layout of your herbs by arranging the still-potted plants in the container. First place trailing herbs (which will grow over the pot’s side), such as thyme, oregano, and chives, around the edge. Medium-height herbs such as tarragon, sage, and marjoram fill in the next section. The tallest herbs (lavender, fennel, rosemary) go in the center. Lave 3 to 4 inches between plants. Five to eight herbs will fit in a larger pot; three to five in a smaller one.
Step 3: Remove herbs from their original pots and place them in the soil. If the roots are tightly bound, use your hands or a fork to gently loosen them so they can spread out and make themselves at home in the new soil.
Step 4: Use a spoon or your hands to fill in the soil around the seedlings, leaving 2 inches to the top of your container so there’s enough room to water. Herbs shouldn’t be planted too far beneath the surface—where the soil gets compacted—or their roots will suffocate.
Step 5: Pack the soil very firmly around the plants. You want your herbs to feel secure, so the tighter you pack in the soil around them, the better.
Step 6: Water immediately. Herbs do best outside (and love full sun), so don’t start your garden until the daytime temperature is consistently 65ºF

To see more easy gardening tips, be sure to pick up a copy of this special edition when it hits the stands next week!!

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  1. I'm in an urban area with very little space, so this year's project for me is container gardening (I might even get VERY ambitious and try a raised bed as well). This is great ... I have this bookmarked so that I can get my supplies and get to work on it soon!

  2. I always dream of having my own garden. But, unfortunately I am living on an hdb and this kind of thing will not be allowed.Anyway, I am planning to move so as of now I am planning on Buying or Selling My HDB in Singapore. Hope that I'll be able to find a cheaper place where I can start a mini garden.

  3. There's nothing like the taste of fresh herbs picked your garden! Experienced gardeners always tell that the herbs are really easy to grow, whether in beds, containers or on windowsills.


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